Benefits of Hiring a Professional Telephone and IVR Voice Over Artist


Today, your customer wants to feel that you listen to them more than ever.

Using a tailor-made response system is one of the best ways to ensure each caller gets a reply. However, delightful customer care is all about the quality of response.

The impression that your brand gives to your customers can make or break your business. Hiring a professional telephone IVR voice-over artist may improve your brand image significantly.

What is IVR Voice-over?

Interactive Voice Response steps in when a caller cannot reach your brand representative. It redirects the caller to a specific department that can provide the help they need. Also, it guides the client through a couple of proper steps to resolve a problem.

Sometimes, your answering machine is the first interaction between your enterprise and a client. When this happens, you want the voice behind your voicemail machine to be at its best.

Furthermore, the voice communicates the values and identity of your brand. The tone, speed, and voice may paint your brand in a good or bad light.

Even though the answering machine relays the desired message to the caller, the voice behind it is the concierge that guides the client. Therefore, the output needs to be personable, clear, and concise.

Advantages of Hiring a Great Interactive Voice Response Artist

Clients may call your business line for various reasons. In some cases, they want help with a particular issue. Other times, they want to learn more about your products and services. Regardless of their reasons, it is always in your best interest to provide a warm reception to every caller. Here are some of the benefits of working with a professional voice-over artist;

Helps Your Brand to Stand Out

Most businesses face stiff competition. Your business is no exception. Hiring a good voice-over artist for your IVR system can help your brand stand out. Such artists provide immeasurable value in your response.

An empathetic, confident, and catchy voice will leave an indelible impression on your customer. It portrays you as an industry leader in your business category. And this is one of the ways to differentiate your brand from competitors.

Fosters Brand Consistency

Voice consistency begets brand loyalty. Therefore, how you sound to your client matters. Sounding different every time a customer calls can be confusing. Some of your clients could even hang up to confirm whether they are calling the right company. This is a scenario that you want to avoid at all costs.

Using a uniform voice alleviates the confusion and fosters brand consistency. In addition, a professional voice artist ensures that all departments respond in one voice.

When you choose one of your employees to be your brand’s voice, you are taking a risk. This person could leave your organization for greener pastures. As a result, you may have to replace them, which will affect your brand’s voice consistency.

With professional voice artists, you don’t have to worry about this. Instead, you can rely on them to record as much information as you need for you.

Enhance Information Retention

When customers call your company to ask questions, you want them to retain most of the information you provide. A professional voice-over artist not only delivers a response but also conveys the message accurately.

A voice expert communicates your message effectively and powerfully. They break down the information into easy-to-understand bits. As a result, the caller can always recall the key points.

Lead Generation

Most people look at the IVR unit as a customer service system. However, it is recently assuming an integral role in sales. A qualified voice-over artist is increasingly becoming valuable for the lead generation process.

A pre-recorded voice message helps market your brand as the system redirects the caller. In addition, prospects are keen to listen to a catchy professional voice that introduces them to other products and services.

Creates Professional and Human Appeal

Customers value human engagement. They do not want to feel like they are interacting with a robot. Losing the human touch in your business communications can impact your brand negatively.

Professional voice-over artists have state-of-the-art voice recording equipment. As a result, they provide the best voice quality for your brand. And create a formidable professional and human appeal for your business.

Saves Time

Working with a voice-over expert saves you time. A regular employee would need multiple takes to get the tone right during a recording session. But a professional nails it in 1 or 2 takes. It is easy for them to get the tone, speed, and voice right. This is because they go through extensive training for the task at hand.

The business benefits of an IVR Voice Over are undeniable. However, hiring the right voice-over artist is vital to leveraging them and improving your customer service. What are you waiting for?