Living the Resort Lifestyle at Home


Although pandemic restrictions have largely dissipated and international travel is gradually resuming, it may be a while yet before we can escape to the tropical oases of Asia and beyond. In the remote and hybrid work economy, people are spending more and more time at home. So, why not try to live a resort lifestyle in our humble homes?

Natural Luxury

Bringing the outdoors in is one of the best ways to make your home seem more like a bohemian resort. Introduce furniture made of natural materials such as bamboo or cane that are both durable and attractive.

If you are not ready to part with your sofa set, try adding woven rattan stools or a wooden day bed. You can still inject a resort touch even if space is limited. Try woven baskets, rattan lampshades, or bamboo rugs.

Should you have spare space on your porch, put up some white curtains for an island cabana feel. Add a cloth hammock or a hanging bamboo swing chair for the ultimate vacation vibes. And don’t forget cushions to add a splash of textiles and color.

Going big with houseplants is another key step in creating a lush resort atmosphere. A collection of oversized plants like parlor palms and birds of paradise in giant planters can help to transform an average living space into a fancy five-star resort.

Bright is Beautiful

Iconic tropical vacation locations are famous for their sunny days. Flood your home with natural light by installing big windows and skylights. Bright light and green plants will not only make you feel like you are on vacation, but also bring you a better mood and benefit your mental health.

While large windows are lovely in the winter, they can be too much in the long days of summer. Find out how to order free blinds samples from to pair your windows with fitted blinds that will protect your eyes and add a touch of class to your home.

A wonderful complement to natural light is an island wall. Go for minimal white stucco walls to pretend that you are on a Greek island or put up some tropical foliage wallpaper to transport yourself to Southeast Asia.

Have you noticed that resorts and hotels always have wall art? If you are reluctant to undertake the big job of painting or applying wallpaper, try hanging up some oversized wall art for visual impact. For a more bohemian touch, use tapestries and woven blankets instead.

Bathroom Bliss

It may be strange for bathrooms to be memorable places, but a luxurious bathroom experience is often essential to a happy holiday. Although we cannot all have bathrooms overlooking the ocean, we can still invoke a relaxing spa vibe at home.

One of the most iconic tropical bathroom designs is the outdoor shower. While nosy neighbors and patchy garden foliage may foil your plans, you could achieve a similar open effect by replacing the top of the outward-facing bathroom wall with a long window or installing a large skylight.

Continue the tropical theme by decorating the bathroom with indoor plants. Peace lilies are great for air purification and hanging plants like golden pothos add interest to the higher parts of your room. If your bathroom receives enough sunlight, you could even grow bamboo as a shower barrier!

Switch the old generic showerhead for a rain shower and replace raggedy cotton bath mats with bamboo or woven mats. Wooden triangular towel racks or towel ladders are functional and fun. Mirrors add to the resort bathroom feel—the larger the better.

Treat yourself to resort-quality towels, you can even get them monogrammed with your initials. Top your folded towels with a fresh flower for the ultimate resort vibe. While you are at it, why not get a couple of matching bathrobes as well?

Free Your Mind

Finally, the last step in turning your home into a vacation retreat is to alter your mindset. With remote working arrangements, many of us are finding our sanctuaries invaded by work.

Therefore, we must designate certain spaces in the home as work-free areas.

This could be the garden, the porch, the bedroom, or even the dining room. Just set aside a dedicated space in the home that is purely for relaxation where you can kick off your metaphorical shoes and pretend that you are a hundred miles away from responsibility.

Although you may not have a private butler or a turn-down service at home, you can put up some fairy lights or candles and bask in the romantic atmosphere. Set up a mobile drinks cart so you can have iced teas and cool beers within reach.

From finances to family commitments, there are many reasons why we may not be able to travel this winter. Thankfully, there are just as many ways we can transform our living space into a luxurious environment so that we can better enjoy our time at home.