Remote Jobs During a Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic brought a double blow for us students. On the one hand, our classes were disrupted, and many of us who were about to get lucrative jobs and internships were left hanging as the companies halted the hiring process. On the other hand, the part-time jobs that we use to fund our education are becoming increasingly hard to find due to lockdowns and social distancing.

Fortunately, the pandemic has also opened up opportunities for profitable remote jobs that we students could avail anytime, anywhere. The only resources we need are fast internet and a flexible schedule. In this article, I want to talk about several such remote jobs that students can do during the pandemic.

Possible job avenues for students during the pandemic include freelance writing, online tutoring, marketing, web development and data entry. These jobs pay reasonably well, and the workload is such that you can still devote time to other activities as well. Let’s look into some of these in more detail.

Online Tutoring

For high school or college students, teaching is always one of the best jobs (speaking from personal experience)! Because we are still actively learning, we can seamlessly transition from learning to teaching others.

Since schools and colleges have been mostly closed during the pandemic, and teaching institutions temporarily suspended, many parents are searching for online tutors for their children. To be a skilled online tutor, you need to have a good grasp of your subject, a proper lesson plan, and also an ample understanding of the software that you are planning to use, whether it’s Zoom or Google Meet or something else.

You can get online teaching jobs from your personal contacts who may know someone looking for an online tutor. There are also various websites that host teaching job opportunities.

Freelance Writing

If writing is your strong suit, and you can write prolifically without compromising on the quality and grammar, then freelance writing may be the remote job you are looking for.

These days, a lot of websites are looking for freelance content writers for writing web copy and blogs for them, as well as writing articles for internet marketing. These jobs only require that you write fluent, engaging content without grammatical mistakes that can attract customers.

The most important benefit of freelance content writing is its flexibility. You can write whenever you want, as many words you want, and you are also likely to get regular work.

Social Media Marketing

Internet marketing is the future of business. More and more companies and small businesses are resorting to internet marketing tools, especially in the post-pandemic world. One cheap and effective internet marketing tool is promoting products through social media pages, for example, on Facebook or Instagram.

These businesses require people to manage their social media pages, post and edit content and run virtual advertisement campaigns. All you need to be proficient at this job is to have a social media account and to have a clear understanding of social media campaigns. As students, our generation probably understands the unique demands of social media better than anybody else; hence companies look to us to generate more outreach for their internet marketing campaigns.

Freelance SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps businesses to get high rankings in popular search engines, thereby leading to better outreach and greater website traffic. It is an advanced internet marketing technique that most websites use nowadays.

To be a skilled SEO freelancer, you need to have a clear understanding of how SEO works and how to optimize SEO content for specific search engines. SEO jobs, like content writing, offer extremely flexible working hours.


If you are good at writing and can quickly locate grammatical mistakes, editing is another job avenue that is open for you apart from freelance content writing. You can edit or proofread pretty much anything from short articles to full-length manuscripts. To find editing jobs, you can scan for relevant opportunities in social media advertisements, and you can list your skills as an editor in your internet profiles.

Freelance Web Development

Internet marketing has opened up several remote job opportunities for us students, and one of the more high-paying ones is web development. Many people require building up websites and customizing them from time to time; however very few have the skills to do it and generally outsource it to others.
To be a web developer, you don’t need to be a professional software engineer, but you do need some specialized skills. However, these jobs generally pay more than many others on this list.

Video Editing

Videos have emerged as one of the most appealing ways of promoting content. As evidenced by recent social media trends, there is a great commercial acceptance for innovative and well-edited videos. This has resulted in a demand for skilled video editors.

To be good at video editing, you must have access to advanced video editing software, and it is helpful if you have done a course in video editing. Companies will look at your portfolio before they hire you, so make sure you accumulate enough of a CV in video editing.

Transcriptionists and Translators

In the academic fields and in the medical sector, there is demand for transcriptionists who will listen to recorded audios and transform that into text. You need to have really high aptitude and cognitive skills as well as patience to keep doing this for long periods.

Translators are always in high demand in academia, and the pandemic situation is no exception. If you are skilled at reading and writing in multiple languages, translation projects are the exact high-paying remote jobs that you need. Outside academia, translators are also frequently needed to develop online content for their marketing campaigns

Closing Thoughts

The pandemic has been causing emotional and financial problems for all of us for a long time, but by thinking laterally, we can take control of our financial destiny again. In my opinion, students are probably the best placed people to do this. We can still earn good money while maintaining enough freedom to undertake other projects.