Proper Step-By-Step for Beginners

step 1: Gather all materials listed in the material page.

step 2: transfer axolotl into a clean bowl with the original water it was packaged with.

step 3: Clean out 20 gallon tank with cold water. Do not use any form of soap/ cleanser. 

step 4: After moving your tank to the spot you feel is best, fill your tank to about an inch away from the top with the spring water.

step 5: assemble the sponge filter and place it in your tank.

step 6: rinse the silk plants and rubber decorations under cold water. Again, No soap \ cleanser. 

step 7: place all decorations in the tank in your preference.

step 8: Add water conditioners to the water and mix around.

step 9: Transfer your axolotl into his prepared tank with most of the water he was originally packaged with.

After taking these steps, the maintenance of your Axolotl will be fairly easy. It is recommended to do at least a 20% water change every 3 weeks even with use of a filter. aside from that just be sure to maintain the proper pH balance of the water, maintain the proper water temperature, as well as feeding your axolotl it’s proper amount of food every other day!