Materials For Beginners

Given that the temperature and water flow are well controlled, axolotls require very minimal maintenance and are considered to be very easy to care for. It is difficult to think of a more unique display animal than the axolotl.

 Axolotls have a soft, delicate body with delicate skin. Their body primarily contains cartilage instead of bones and you should not handle them until it’s necessary. Those who require moving the axolotl out of its aquarium tank must do so with a fine mesh net as it would prevent entangling their body or harming it. 

Each Axolotl requires a certain amount of space to survive and live. by at least a 20 gallon tank for a single axolotl. it is not very suggested, but if you want to keep two axolotls, you must double the size and get a 40 gallon tank. As your Axolotl grows, buying a bigger tank is a better idea because your salamander will also have more space to move around and thrive. also it will save some time as you won’t have to change the water as frequently.  It is important to ensure that you keep the tank and a completely cool room and mostly away from bright sunlight with a water temperature of 57 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit or between 14 and 20 degrees Celsius. ensure the temperature does not get over 75° F or 24° c.

A bare bottom tank is actually recommended for baby axolotls as it reduces the risk of them ingesting any of the material placed at the bottom however if anything is used it should not be coarse gravel. It can be soft Pebbles that are bigger than the head of the axolotl.

 tap water treated with aquarium water conditioners that eliminate chloramines and chlorine is best for axolotls. avoid using distillate water and ensure the water’s pH stays from 6.5 to 7.5. Through my own experience I’ve found that it’s best to purchase gallon jugs of spring water from your local grocery store as well as treating it with a proper Water Conditioner.

It is more ideal to use a sponge filter for your axolotls tank because motor filters can compromise the temperature of the water and make it warmer. It is also important to purchase Axolotl friendly decorations which would include artificial silk, rubber, or silicone materials. using plastic decorations or sharp rocks/wood can injure your axolotl.

This is Henrys set up (for now)*

Here are links to the best materials you can purchase for your axolotls care as well as their prices*

Sponge Filter:

20 Gallon Tank:

Cleaning Sponge:

Fishnet for Food/Transportation:

Aquarium Vacuum:

Blood Worms/Food:

Water Conditioner/Clarifier:

Axolotl Friendly Decorations:—8-5283795.html?gclsrc=aw.ds&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiAu9yqBhBmEiwAHTx5p2VaXNPLccrDAIPVFF26X6e7jHMepG56a-wmPWOkfbcO2BmVBmSJxBoC4qkQAvD_BwE-—medium-5276357.html?gclsrc=aw.ds&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiAu9yqBhBmEiwAHTx5p3JzRL3QuhLQ2jhyH_bd9DoYeB3Fk-JZdxKU-TWW2_OLiFSMRmcuzBoCCEAQAvD_BwE

Aquatic Thermometer: