A Little Bit About These Cool Creatures

Axolotls are super fascinating creatures! These little guys are a type of salamander that are native to Mexico. What makes them unique is that they keep their juvenile features throughout their lives, a process called neoteny. They have cute external gills, which they use to breathe underwater. Axolotls are also known for their regenerative abilities, as they can regrow lost limbs. They come in various color morphs including pink (leucistic), white (golden albino), black (melanoid), and green-glow-in-the-dark (green fluorescent protein). Axolotls make great pets and require a properly set up aquarium with clean water and a balanced diet!

Allow me to introduce you to Henry! Henry is a green fluorescent protein axolotl and is only four months old. Despite what you may think he is actually a very interactive aquatic friend. As of right now Henry is only about 3 inches long and is living in a 20-gallon tank which will be switched to a larger tank as he grows. This is his growth so far!

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