4 Ways to Stay Safe on Your First College Party as a Freshman


College parties are fun, thrilling, and filled with so much suspense that you could easily be lost in the whole groove in a matter of minutes as a freshman.

However, a college party is not like the orderly and predictable gatherings you’re used to. At a college party, surprises are bound to happen, and some of these surprises may pose a threat to your safety.

Things could be going fine at one moment and quickly turn into a brawl the next. At moments like this, what’s more important is how you react and handle things.

This is not to scare you because your college party could go well without any issues, but to prepare you so you know how to respond and stay safe if things go south.

Behave Responsibly and Know Your Limits

College life offers a lot of privileges, including the freedom to do what you want. However, with this newfound independence comes the need to be responsible and considerate about your choices.

It’s one thing to want to attend a college party and have fun, and it’s another to leave your fate uncertain without any plans to secure your personal well-being at the party.

Before leaving, try to find out what kind of party you’re attending. Will there be alcohol? Will there be games you may not be comfortable playing? What kinds of people are attending the party?

Knowing these details before attending will help you plan better and make better choices if you do decide to go. Here’s what to keep in mind, though, while making your plans:


If there will be alcohol at the party and you hope to drink any, you should have plans for how much you intend to consume. Would it be your first time drinking alcohol? If yes, then your goal should be not to get drunk. This means you should only have a few sips and not engage in any games that may require a large consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol affects everyone differently, and while some may begin to throw up when drunk, others may pass out and, in worst-case scenarios, go unconscious.

The last thing you want is to pass out and wake up to see yourself all over social media. So you have to be careful.

Peer Pressure

A college party will test your resilience because everyone in the party will try to cheer you on to engage in different activities. Some of these activities may be dangerous for your health and safety.

So, you have to ask yourself, “Are you the kind of person that can say ‘NO!” when pressured by people to do something?” If the answer is no, then you have two options.

The first is to stay back and not attend the party, and the second is to inform the organizers of any underlying health issues you may have that will prevent you from engaging in some activities. Oh, and there’s a third: just say “no!” and mean your words.

Know Where You’re Going

Don’t just swing at the opportunity of attending a college party; know where you’re going and be prepared. This is very important for your safety.

Some parties will be hosted in on-campus dorms or off-campus houses, while others will be in larger venues or bars. You must know where it will be hosted and what to expect from such a venue. This will help you plan ahead and make safer choices.

If it’s at a bar, you must ensure it’s a secure neighborhood. Please research the venue and know precisely how to locate it.

While at the party, take a few moments to observe the environment and take note of the emergency exits in case of a fire or medical emergency. This will help you react effectively if any surprises come up.

Do Not Attend the Party Alone

Attending your first college party alone is not a good idea and can be intimidating. You have to ensure you’re going with a group of friends; that way, you can keep each other company and watch your backs.

Make plans with these friends to know how you intend to communicate if you get separated. Charge your phones and have each of your friends’ numbers saved.

When there’s an emergency, notify them, and tell them to inform you, too, if they plan on leaving or if there’s any emergency.

Having friends around during your first college party will help you stay relaxed and un-tensed because you’re sure you have a safety net around you.

Call for Help When You Need It

Since it’s your first college party, you must prepare for anomalies. Have a list of all important emergency contacts saved on your phone, including your campus security, local law enforcement, and, as we’ve discussed earlier, your friends with whom you’ll be attending the party.

These proactive steps are primarily because of accidents and emergencies. If you or any of your friends encounter an accident at the party, like tripping or falling, ensure they’re safe and contact your local emergency medical services or campus security for help.

If the accident is severe and the fault is with the event organizers, inform your friend that they have the right to file a trip and fall lawsuit and get compensation.

Wrapping Up

College parties will offer you the thrill and excitement of being a freshman, but you must remember that there’s a life after the party. Use these tips to plan as much as possible, and you should have no problems with your first experience.