Five Ways to Strengthen Your Aura


Ever heard someone being called an “energy vampire”? Some people just make you feel drained and bogged down with their negative energy. Just like physical hygiene, you can become contaminated by unhealthy and toxic people if you spend too much time with them. One way to protect your body and mind is to strengthen your aura.

Your aura is an energy field that surrounds your body. It is a manifestation of your mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. You can view your aura as a spectrum of colors with tools such as the Aura Camera 6000. A strong aura can keep you protected and balanced while a weak aura can leave you feeling exhausted and unwell.

Here are five ways to build your aura and protect it from harmful external influences.

Stay Balanced

To defend a castle, you must keep the walls strong. The first thing to do to maintain a vibrant and energetic aura is to keep yourself healthy and stress-free. Like your immune system, your aura can be weakened if your body is constantly tired and under strain. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, adequate sleep, and proper stress management are essential to keep your body functioning at its finest. If you are unsure whether your physical and mental energy is in good condition, you can conduct a chakra assessment to find out if you may be out of balance and how to restore your energy flow. Certain habits can contaminate your aura such as drinking too much alcohol and smoking, so you should try to avoid these vices. Treat your body like a temple and keep it as clean as you can.

Choose Your Crowd

As the saying goes, one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. This means that just having one negative person around can have a negative influence on your entire social or family group. It is important to surround yourself with positive and supportive people who bring out the best in you. Of course, it may not be possible for you to completely remove toxic people from your life. However, you can try to keep your distance from them as much as possible. Another thing you can do to protect your aura from a negative person is to visualize a barrier between your aura and theirs as you interact; this will help strengthen your energetic boundaries. Another alternative is to wear or carry crystals that are known to absorb negative energy to prevent their negative energy from affecting your aura.

Spend Time Alone

Humans are social creatures, so it is only natural that we want to be around other people most of the time. However, spending too much time in the company of others can take a toll, even if they are nice and positive people. Make sure you spend a certain amount of time alone each day to center your mind and recalibrate your thoughts and emotions. Give yourself some “me time” to recharge your batteries so that you can go back to being sociable and engaging without draining your own cup. Spending time alone is also a good way to cultivate inner strength and foster personal growth. Work on knowing your self-worth in solitude. Enjoy your own company from time to time instead of chasing the need for external validation and comfort.

Practice Positive Affirmation

Positive affirmation is a technique that can be used to help you restore your energy and boost your self-confidence. It involves repeating positive statements to yourself regularly to remind yourself of your capabilities and potential. In some ways, it is similar to manifestation—where you put out into the universe what you hope to be true. Positive affirmations train your brain to break out of negative thinking cycles and focus on the positive aspects of your life. They can also help create a stronger energy field around you and attract more positive experiences into your life. “I am proud of who I am” is a simple example of such an affirmation. You can also come up with affirmations for specific circumstances such as, “my energy is strong and untainted.”

Cleanse Your Aura

Just like we need to shower to stay clean and healthy, we also need to cleanse our aura to remove negative energy and prevent it from spreading or taking hold. One of the easiest ways to cleanse your aura is to take a nice, long bath with sea salt or Epsom salt. You can also add essential oils such as sage or cedarwood to your bath to help purify your energy. Another method is to place crystals on your chakras to absorb any residual negativity and improve the flow of energy through your body. This can be done at the same time as a lying-down meditation. If you feel like you have a large amount of negative energy that you simply cannot shake, some natural therapists offer auric cleansing services which can help you to clear away any issues and heal any damage in your aura.

The rainbow colors of your aura are an indication of your well-being. When your aura is healthy and strong, you can maintain boundaries, stay grounded, and feel emotionally balanced. By practicing the above five tips, you can build your aura and protect your body and mind from negative influences.