How to Make Your Online Ads Work Harder


Digital marketing is a new frontier for many brands. Some of them stumble headlong into the Internet and throw funds at digital marketing schemes with the idea that as long as you pay for it, it will be effective. Unfortunately, it does not always work that way. Online advertising is one of the fields of digital marketing that can have wildly varied results with different approaches.

Search Advertising

Paid search advertising is one of the most common methods of online advertising. Paid search advertising allows businesses to bid on keywords that are relevant to their business and have their ads displayed by search engines when users search for these specific keywords.

This method of advertising is based on the fact that search engine users almost always click on the first result on a search engine result page (SERP) and very rarely navigate beyond the first SERP. Therefore, by paying to appear on the top of organic rankings, businesses receive more clicks and traffic.

Paid search advertising lets advertisers pitch to audiences who are already searching for information on a product or service that they offer. Advertisers can select the geographic area of their desired audience, which can be local to their business or as broad as entire countries.

Google’s premiere search ads algorithm can also display several kinds of ads to match user intent. For example, if the user types in the word ‘buy’ along with certain keywords, Google will toggle shopping ads on the right side of the SERP, whereas if the user types in ‘where’, Google will toggle ads in the Google Maps window.

Social Advertising

There are approximately 2.5 billion active global users on Facebook and 1 billion users on Instagram every month. When people hop on social media to stay in touch with family, chat with friends, or network with business connections, they are prime targets for online advertising.

Businesses know that there are massive numbers of people using social media at any given moment. Therefore, advertising expenditure on social media channels is at record levels and continuing to increase.

The beauty of social media advertising is that brands can reach a specific demographic. Powerful platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow advertisers to target audiences using a myriad of basic parameters such as age, gender, education, and location, as well as more in-depth parameters such as social behavior and browsing preferences.

In addition, there are a variety of ad formats for businesses to choose from. Examples include standard sponsored ads, sponsored posts that are designed to look like regular posts, and Stories ads that are inserted as you swipe. Advertisers can choose the best ad format to suit their brand identity.

Display Advertising

Display advertising refers to ads that appear on random websites as you surf the web. While these third-party sites belong to neither Google nor Facebook, they are integrated with an advertising network that leverages data from either platform to allow advertisers to target their audience.

Google’s Display Network is undoubtedly the largest existing display advertising service, boasting a subscription of over two million participating websites and apps. Its ads are also broadcast to the one billion monthly users of YouTube, a Google child company.

With cross-application data sharing, it is easy for advertising providers to know the shopping behaviors of your target audience. They may know that a certain user has looked up a product or service multiple times on or that they are more likely to buy online than others.

Display advertising is great because you can capture your audience as they are performing an action that is related to your business. For example, they may be reading a recipe for making a stew when they receive a display ad for a cookbook, a crockpot, or even spices that they may need.

How Do I Stand Out?

With so many different ways to play, brands are often battling with each other to come out on top in the online advertising arena. Amidst this fierce competition, it can be hard for a brand to grab the attention of a flighty audience. One great way to stand out is to find a company with experienced writers, that have written a variety of different types of styles, such as technical copywriting or even creative writing.

While anyone can pay for advertising, conversion rates are the real measure of a digital marketing campaign’s success. A conversion rate is the percentage of viewers that respond to a call to action. This could be clicking on a paid online ad or completing a purchase on your website.

To stand out and convert audiences into future clients, brands need quality ads that compel viewers to click through to a landing page. Premiere digital marketing agencies like King Kong use experienced copywriters and proven formulas to ensure that audiences become leads and leads become customers.

Paying for online ads alone will not make your business successful or popular. If you are advertising but only achieving mediocre results, consider engaging digital marketing experts to craft your ads. By ensuring a high conversion rate, businesses can get the most value out of their online advertising investment and reap incredible growth and profits.