Favorite Sports
  1. Soccer-

Soccer is one of my favorite sports ever, I have been playing soccer since I was in 6th grade and I played up until my senior year of high school for Charles Herbert flowers. I was the captain of my 9th and 10th grade team years. And my favorite team in the league is FCB

2. Volleyball-

My next favorite sport is volleyball. This is a fairly new sport that I started playing. I watched this one anime that you can see in my, “Best TV Shows” tab, and ever since I have grown a liking of the sport. I play at Burdick gym every Tuesday evening and I will continue to become the best I can be.

3.  Skating- 

Another one of my favorite sports is Skating, I picked up skating as a young child around the age of 7 years old then I stopped around 10 because I was a bit timid about hurting myself. About this time last year, I decided to pick up a skateboard and try again and now I am really in love with skating to the point where I even learned how to drop in, CHECK OUT MY VIDEO BELOW!!!

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