Extravagant Meals

Just like almost everyone on this planet, I love to eat and enjoy my meals day by day so here are some of my most favorite foods that I love in life and would do anything for:

  • Ribs- 

First I would like to start off with my number one favorite food of all time, ribs. I love all types of ribs it does not matter if it is pork or beef as long as it is a rib I will eat it. These are best eaten with cornbread and mashed potatoes which brings me to one of my other favorites.






  • Potatoes-

My next favorite type of food is Potatoes. I think I like potatoes so much because of how versatile they can be. They can range from french fries, mashed potatoes, hashbrowns, tater tots, etc. The list just goes on and on. And what fascinates me the most is that all of these types of potatoes are great in flavor. If I had to pick a select favorite I would go with french fries though.

How to Cook New Potatoes - Great British Chefs





  • Jollof Rice-

Although there are many more types of foods I love and adore I would have to conclude my favorite foods list with a dish called, “Jollof Rice.” This is a dish that originated in the continent of Africa and has many different variations throughout all of its countries. My favorite would have to be Nigerian Jollof Rice and that comes with no surprise because I am from there.







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