Ten Ideas for Creating More Unique, Creative, and Engaging Content


If you are the creator of a blog, website, or social media page, you know that creating content is the heart and soul of your business. However, consistently creating, writing, editing, and posting content can be tiring and hard to do. It’s especially difficult when you run out of inspiration or feel that you are creating the same kinds of content day after day. Adding unique and engaging elements to your blog can help attract and retain readers and make your job more fun and interesting. Here are some unusual things you can consider adding that people might love:

Quizzes and Personality Tests

Create interactive quizzes or personality tests related to your blog’s niche. This is a fun activity that people enjoy finding on a blog or website. Most people enjoy discovering more about themselves and comparing their results with others. Make the quiz or test fit in with your website’s theme or topic so it will be relevant to your readers.

Puzzles and Fun Activities

Your followers will enjoy having fun activities such as crossword puzzles and coloring pages which they can print or use online. You can find apps or programs that will allow you to easily create these kinds of activities. You can also create activities and other printables such as bookmarks, organizers, graphics, and children’s activities by hand and add them to your blog for people to print and enjoy. Make sure that you include crossword answers for your puzzles.

Interactive Maps

One way to make your blog or website more useful, interesting, and creative is by using maps if they are relevant to your niche. Try incorporating interactive maps on your blog to highlight interesting locations, travel destinations, or historical sites. Users can explore the map and click on markers for additional information. While these maps may take a little time to create, they can be useful and entertaining for your readers and provide a unique way to give information.

Virtual Tours

Depending on the topic or niche your website is focused on, you could consider adding a different form of visual experience through virtual tours. Embed video tours or 360-degree photos/videos of fascinating places you visit such as museums, landmarks, or natural wonders. This allows readers to virtually explore and experience the location. You could also add tours or 360-degree photos that can help people learn new things or understand something better, as long as it makes sense for your site and readers.

User-Submitted Content

User-submitted content is a great way to engage with your readers and allow them to be heard on your platform. Encourage readers to submit their stories, photos, or videos related to your blog’s topic and post them for everyone to enjoy. One good way to do this is to have a weekly “reader’s content” feature. If you allow comments on these posts or features, you can help to build a community among your followers. You can also feature photography submissions in dedicated blog posts or galleries or feature a page of embedded videos.


No matter what kind of information or niche you have on your blog, you can use infographics to enhance it. Presenting information in a visually appealing and easy-to-digest format by using infographics can help people learn more and understand the information better. Infographics can convey complex concepts, data, or comparisons in a more engaging and shareable manner. They are also very sharable on social media, which can help your followers to promote your content and increase your audience.

Creative Challenges and Prompts

Consider creating and sharing prompts or challenges such as creative writing prompts for your followers to use. You can also create other prompts and challenges, such as photography challenges, art ideas, or whatever is relevant to the niche of your website. Encourage readers to write short stories or create art based on the writing prompts and feature the best submissions on your blog.

DIY Projects and Tutorials

One of the best things you can do on your blog or website is to add tutorials, how-to guides, or step-by-step instructions that will be beneficial to your reader. You can create step-by-step guides, video tutorials, or slide shows for DIY projects, crafts, or creative endeavors related to your blog’s topic. Many times, people are willing to pay for such guides once they trust you and have experienced your skill in teaching or creating. Consider offering free projects and tutorials on your blog while also compiling some premium or paid versions that will provide more information, printable patterns, or more detailed tutorials.

Guest Interviews

Readers enjoy having a variety of content and hearing different perspectives. Conduct interviews with experts, influencers, or personalities in your blog’s niche in order to draw in more followers and give them new information. Make sure you ask thought-provoking questions and include your guest’s insights and experiences. It adds credibility and provides unique content for your readers. You can also provide video footage of the interview. Sharing guest interviews with other influencers can help increase both creators’ audiences.

Interactive Polls and Surveys

Finally, consider using polls or surveys to learn more about your readers, create beneficial content based on your research, and engage with your audience. Embed interactive polls or surveys to gather opinions, preferences, or feedback from your readers. This not only engages them but also provides valuable insights that you can share or discuss in future blog posts and can even use to guide the direction you will take your website and products.


No matter what kind of blog you have or what your topics are, you can find creative, interactive, and helpful ways to share content. Remember to tailor these suggestions to fit your blog’s specific niche and target audience. Keep your followers’ needs and personalities in your mind as you consider different ideas. By offering unique and interactive content, you can create a more engaging and memorable experience for your readers and more fulfilling and interesting work for yourself.