Causes of Depression

Causes of Depression             Several weeks ago, famous singer and actress Demi Lovato overdosed inside of her home. She had spent her life struggling with several mental health issues including depression and an eating disorder. She has been in and out of rehab centers, and recently admitted in one of her songs that she had […]

Bad Car Dealers

Dear Lauren,             In three weeks I turn sixteen! I’ve had my permit for a while now, and when I finally make it to sixteen and six months I’ll be able to get my own license and drive around by myself. I’m so excited that I no longer have to get dropped off and picked […]

Internet Marketing

Traditional marketing   Dear Lauren,             My parents own a small business that creates memorabilia for elderly individuals and they are looking to expand. This summer, they asked me to join the team and help out with the marketing for the company. I have so many ideas for advertisements, social media campaigns, and much more, […]

Treating Scar Tissue

Dear Lauren,             Last year when I was riding a horse I got bucked off and split my chin open. I was okay, but I had to get eleven stitches that wrapped around the bottom part of my face. The doctors told me that I was lucky, and that it could have been a lot […]

Shame and Guilt Mantras

Often when a person goes through a difficult recovery from an addiction, they will blame themselves and feel strong emotions of shame and guilt. Addicts are sometimes afraid that their problems will burden their loved ones and that no one cares enough to help. Many people believe that being addicted to a dangerous substance is […]

Anxiety Quiz

Struggling with anxiety can cause a person to feel as though they have no hope. Without the proper tools help treat to any type of mental illness, an individual can experience very negative emotional and physical side effects. Often a person is not aware that they are suffering from an anxiety disorder and spend many […]

5 Times Budweiser Used Neuromarketing

What is neuromarketing?               What is neuromarketing? Neuromarketing helps to measure the different ways people respond to and emotionally react towards different messages being sent by a product. When you find yourself crying over a two minute commercial, it is because of neuromarketing. Brands try their best to appeal to the emotional side of viewers […]