The Waves of Feminism

The first wave mostly regarded suffrage, and Susan B. Anthony’s fight for the right to vote for white women. She published “The Revolution,” and the authors divulge into several victories and setbacks of the first wave. The authors mention that before the first wave, women were strictly confined to domestic duties around the home and […]

The Female Menstrual Cycle

The female menstrual, or uterine cycle, is a beautiful and natural part of life. When a girl is usually between the ages of 11-14, they will reach menarche. This is the initial onset of the menstruation cycle, which will come every single month for up to several decades except during pregnancy and if the patient […]

Symptoms of Menopause

Women’s health When I first took a women’s studies class I was caught off guard. I was raised in the suburbs by a middle class nuclear family that had access to healthcare, birth control, and top of the line medical care. When I went a way to college and was given a more diverse look […]

Treating Scar Tissue

Dear Lauren,             Last year when I was riding a horse I got bucked off and split my chin open. I was okay, but I had to get eleven stitches that wrapped around the bottom part of my face. The doctors told me that I was lucky, and that it could have been a lot […]