Health Stigmas: How to Deal with Them

We’ve all heard the term “health stigma” before. Mental health, sexual disorders, even cancer– they’ve been “stigmatized”. But what does that mean? These so-called “stigmas” are what experts call the common cultural beliefs that a disease or disorder indicates a negative trait about the sufferer, often incorrectly. For example, someone dealing with depression isn’t necessarily […]

Distracted Driving

This summer I made the decision to travel across the country on a one-month road trip from Maryland to California and back. I graduated from college in May, and after having five simultaneous internships during my last semester, I knew it was time for a much needed break. Family members and friends were constantly asking […]


After finishing reporting, one needs to sit down with a highlighter and a note pad. Read through it to be reminded of important information, and clarify what the real story is. Highlight facts and figures that are relevant to the story for expert soundbites or quotes. When it comes to quotes, I like to complie […]

Being an Eyewitness

A feature writer must be an eyewitness to a story for a number of reasons. The value of being an eyewitness to a story you are reporting on is unmatched. It prevents hoaxes, and is a great verification method. It helps to give a feature story drama and an atmosphere, and it helps to pick […]


There are millions of good interview tips out there, and Al Tompkins give us new and insightful ones we have never seen before. Last year, I went out and purchased over 300 business cards, with the idea in mind that I would give them to potential employers. A lot of times, I have been turned […]

Bad Car Dealers

Dear Lauren,             In three weeks I turn sixteen! I’ve had my permit for a while now, and when I finally make it to sixteen and six months I’ll be able to get my own license and drive around by myself. I’m so excited that I no longer have to get dropped off and picked […]

Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Assessment             How do we know when we have a problem with drugs or alcohol? How do we know if a loved one has a problem? Thankfully, there are many assessments online that can help determine if you or someone you care about has developed dangerous drinking habits. If you look online for addiction help […]