Intimate Journalism

In, “Telling True Stories,” the author highlights many methods of finding ideas for stories. Lane Gregory, says that is it extremely important to chat with people everywhere you go. She says to talk to strangers, and make conversation with the people you interact with on a daily basis. This is important, because you never know […]

Internet Marketing

Traditional marketing   Dear Lauren,             My parents own a small business that creates memorabilia for elderly individuals and they are looking to expand. This summer, they asked me to join the team and help out with the marketing for the company. I have so many ideas for advertisements, social media campaigns, and much more, […]

5 Times Budweiser Used Neuromarketing

What is neuromarketing?               What is neuromarketing? Neuromarketing helps to measure the different ways people respond to and emotionally react towards different messages being sent by a product. When you find yourself crying over a two minute commercial, it is because of neuromarketing. Brands try their best to appeal to the emotional side of viewers […]

moves world app

What’s The Move?

Moves is a brand new app available for download in the iTunes store for free. The entire idea behind Moves is to have an open communication in communities about local events, promotions, and happenings. Moves gives the user the capability to create and post events for those within a 20 mile radius to view. You […]

Workplace Health

            Some people will say they refuse to work in a cubicle. People call them coffins, jail cells, farms, boxes, and cages. Many do not know the advantages that come with working in an office. You acquire respectable time management skills and it encourages talking and working with fellow coworkers. The inevitable truth is that […]