Shame and Guilt Mantras

Often when a person goes through a difficult recovery from an addiction, they will blame themselves and feel strong emotions of shame and guilt. Addicts are sometimes afraid that their problems will burden their loved ones and that no one cares enough to help. Many people believe that being addicted to a dangerous substance is […]

Anxiety Quiz

Struggling with anxiety can cause a person to feel as though they have no hope. Without the proper tools help treat to any type of mental illness, an individual can experience very negative emotional and physical side effects. Often a person is not aware that they are suffering from an anxiety disorder and spend many […]

Anxiety Symptoms in Men

Dear Lauren, I think that there is something wrong with me. I’ve always been a really strong guy. I don’t cry during sad movies or after a breakup, and I don’t get overemotional when I’m happy. I have a full time job that pays more than I could ever need, and I have a wonderful […]

Anxiety Disorders

Dear Lauren,               I have a small problem. It is my second week of my freshman year of college. I have made some great friends and joined several clubs. I was really nervous about meeting people because I suffer from extreme anxiety in certain social situations. I don’t drink or party, and I think that […]