Treating Scar Tissue

Dear Lauren,             Last year when I was riding a horse I got bucked off and split my chin open. I was okay, but I had to get eleven stitches that wrapped around the bottom part of my face. The doctors told me that I was lucky, and that it could have been a lot […]

Process Addiction

Dear Lauren, My father has become severely addicted to gambling. After my mother died, he got severely depressed, and found comfort at online gambling tables. He not only does it online but at nearby casinos at least three times a week. He has spent all of his retirement savings at the casinos and has racked […]

Relapse Prevention

Dear Lauren, I have made a complete 180 in my life. Just last year I was homeless, jobless, and alone. I was addicted to painkillers, heroin, and methamphetamine. I drank all day and night long and begged for money on street corners. I hadn’t seen my family for years. Then my brother reached out to […]

Signs of Alcoholism

Alcohol Poisoning Dear Lauren,             Next week my son is going to his first party of his freshman year. I’m not oblivious, I know that there will most likely be drinking there. I warned my sons of all of the dangers of alcohol on his body, with the law, and with me. I know the […]

Rapid Opioid Detox

Rapid opioid detox Dear Lauren,             Unfortunately I have suffered from opioid addiction for several years. Six years ago I broke my back in a boating accident and after weeks of surgery I was finally released from the hospital. After getting home I started to experience severe pain. Over-the-counter drugs just did not cut it. […]


Dear Lauren,             I am at a bit of a crossroads. I have been a heavy drinker since I was a teen and now at age 40, I see my twenty year old daughter making the same mistakes. She drinks every night, and I suspect that she drinks in the morning before going to her […]