Activities in Mesa, Arizona

Arizona is a HUGE state. It is 113,998 square miles of desert, full of beautiful landscape, unique creatures, dazzling sights, and interesting people. It is home to the world famous Grand Canyon, The Hoover Dam, and several national parks. The capital of the state is Phoenix, and about 20 miles east of that is a […]

Arizona Car Scene

When I was young, my family went on a trip to Las Vegas, and one day we decided to take a trip to see The Grand Canyon. It was a long drive, so we left the hotel super early, rented a really nice car, and set out on the journey. My brother and I fell […]

Car Cleaning Hacks

A car is much more than a mode of transportation. For many, it is like a child. It needs constant care, love, and attention. For some, a car is a status symbol. It can be something a business owner uses to express their success and wealth, or something a teenager uses to impress a date […]

Bad Car Dealers

When I think of a bad car salesman, I think of the father from the movie Matilda. In this movie, the dad ‘fixes’ up and sells used and broken down cars. He is played by Danny DeVito, who portrays a perfect example of what the typical shady car salesman looks and acts like. He’s got […]