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When a person is suffering from issues involving low self-esteem, they are often at a high risk to develop an addiction. A lack of confidence in one’s self usually is accompanied by other dangerous addictive personality traits. An individual who is self-conscious about their appearance may use dangerous drugs and other substances to try and alter their appearance. The constant abuse of these drugs most often will lead to a full-fledged addiction.

                This can be seen with young girls choosing to smoke cigarettes to kill their appetite. If a teenage girl is concerned about weighing too much, she may try to smoke tobacco to utilize one of the main side effects of smoking- a loss of hunger. In my high school there were girls who would leave during lunch and instead of eating, smoke a cigarette in their car so they don’t have to waste precious calories for the day.

                Even more dangerous are the girls who use cocaine to curb their appetites. The drug cocaine can also act as a laxative, so it leads to even more weight loss. Cocaine can become addictive after just one use. Side effects of the drug only last an hour at most, and people who abuse the drug will constantly be craving it and wanting to use it again. Using cocaine as a weight loss tool is not only illegal, it is dangerous to your health.

                Low self-esteem does not only effect women. It effects men of all ages as well. Men are taught from a very young age that they must grow up to be big, strong, and masculine. Muscle building magazines line the isles of every store, ten story male underwear advertisements are plastered over buildings in every major city, and no one is stopping to take a second look at how this may be affecting the mental and physical health of the men of society.

Addictive behaviors

Addictive personality traits

                It is commonly seen that many men are self-conscious about being “fit,” and “buff.” Men are conditioned to believe that having a six pack and huge biceps means that you are attractive. Not all body types can achieve this ideal body image the same way. Some men are able to eat healthy and occasionally work out and still have the body of a male model. Some men are not built this way. Some men are built thicker, and any number of factors can make it harder for them to achieve the ideal “look.”

                These less fortunate men may turn to steroids to increase their hormones and get fit faster. Steroids come along with endless negative side effects, including shrinkage of the penis and severe acne. A behavior becomes an “addictive behavior” when the individual continues down the same path of abuse despite lingering and increasingly dangerous health risks. When a man starts abusing steroids, they will often not stop no matter the damage that is being done to their body. They do not care that some of these side effects are irreversible.

 Addictive personality traits

Addictive personality traits

                There are many personality trails that can increase the likelihood of someone developing an addiction. These include being reckless, impulsive, and impatient. A person who does not know how to deal with stress is also at a high risk for addiction because often in stressful situations harmful substances are the first thing to come to mind to de-stress and relax. Other factors that influence your risk level for addiction include genetics, peer pressure, and an early introduction to the drug.

                Low-self esteem is a dangerous personality trait to have. We all feel down sometimes, and nobodies perfect. There are certain ways for people to battle their low self-esteem. Joining a sport or getting a hobby can encourage a young person to open up out of their shell and be the best they were meant to be. Some people are very good at hiding their issues of low self-esteem behind makeup, fancy clothes, or partying.

                Often those we envy the most are fighting the biggest internal battles. It is amazing when men and women come out on social media about issues they have had with self-esteem to show their followers they are not alone. A fan could worship a celebrity and when they see that they are a person struggling with their self-esteem too, it can humanize them and make them more relatable. It can encourage girls to support each other and discourage the use of dangerous substances to curb negative emotions.

Addictive personality quiz

Addictive personality traits

                You may have a nagging feeling that you hold true some of these addictive personality traits. You may lose your temper easily or worry constantly about what others are thinking of you. People who just want to please others and be accepted are at a very high risk to become victim to addiction. Peer pressure is real, and you can say no. But if someone is trying to get a group of people to accept them, they may use the drug anyways just to seem like one of them. Parents and children need to work together to make sure that any feelings of insecurity are struck down immediately, and that children know their worth.

                It is hard to grow up and throwing in the risk of addiction makes it even harder. You do not have to go through this alone. You have your family, your friends, and unlimited support options at the tip of your fingers. There are online forums for anyone who is struggling and does not want to come out publicly. There are treatment centers for people suffering from both a mental illness and an addiction. Unsure if you are needing help? Take an online addiction personality quiz to gauge if you have the personality traits that put you at a higher risk for addiction.

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