Co-dependency and Addiction

Codependent relationship Dear Lauren,                 It has always just been my daughter and I. Her father passed away at a young age and after that I never had any other kids. My parents are not in my life, and my husband’s parents are out of the picture. My daughter is my everything. She is all […]

Mental Health Stigma

This past week I sat down and participated in a speaker event at my university. I decided it was important for me to go and show my support as a part of my Women and Gender Studies major. While this talk was centered on immigration, the topic of mental health came up quite frequently.                 […]

Addictive Personality

When a person is suffering from issues involving low self-esteem, they are often at a high risk to develop an addiction. A lack of confidence in one’s self usually is accompanied by other dangerous addictive personality traits. An individual who is self-conscious about their appearance may use dangerous drugs and other substances to try and […]

Phoenix Recovery Center

Doctors across the nation are recklessly prescribing dangerous, addictive, and harmful medications to patients without considering the consequences on the individual, their family, and the opioid crisis. I personally have been offered prescription pain medicine by several doctors simply by complaining about chronic or reoccurring pain. Of course, I know the dangerous effects that can […]