Long Term Drug Rehab

              There is a common misconception that drug addiction treatment is primarily for getting an addict through the detox phase. The scariest part of addiction recovery is seen as the withdrawal process, where patients experience a wide range of negative, painful, and stress inducing symptoms. In reality, the recovery process is lifelong. The urges may go away or greatly decrease, but they will always be there, nagging and pushing at a recovering addict.

              After an addict gets clean, they are still at a very high risk for a relapse. And another relapse. And another. If an addict were to leave a rehab care facility directly after withdrawing from drugs, the chances that they will immediately fall back into the same habit are extremely high. Long term drug rehab may seem like too much, but in the end, it could end up saving time, money, and effort by preventing multiple relapses.

              Short term rehab is any type of rehab treatment practice that is less than 90 days. For many individuals, this is enough time to detox, learn relapse prevention skills, and get started on turning their life around. The detox process is never the same with two addicts. Each person has their own addiction and recovers on their own time at their own pace. In a short-term drug rehab care facility, addicts may feel obligated to leave before they are ready and fall right back into their dangerous drug abuse behaviors.

Long Term Drug Rehab

Addiction treatment programs

              There are numerous types of addiction treatment programs available all over the country, and one’s in Florida that are ready to take on new patients at any moment. They can cater to patients with a wide variety of needs such as those who are suffering from multiple addictions at once and those who are dealing with a dual diagnosis of both addiction and another form of mental health disorder.

              Addiction treatment programs can help addicts learn how to cope with their addiction in many ways. Often many facilities will use holistic forms of care to teach patients better mechanisms to deal with stress in life. Patients can participate in group therapy, where they can hear stories from other recovering addicts, gain inspiration, and keep from feeling completely alone in the process.

              Making friends in rehab can both help and hurt your recovery process. It is key to not engage in any romantic relationships in the first year of your recovery so that you can focus on just yourself. When an addict is going through recovery, it is important to eliminate any potential distractions and triggers. That is why long-term drug rehab care is increasing in popularity, because it prevents the risk of being exposed to these negative factors for a longer period of time and therefore decreasing the risk of a relapse.

              Often when an individual does leave a rehab care facility, they want to immediately jump back into their old life. They think they have built up the strength to be exposed to their triggers and not act on their urges. But sometimes, the brain and the body just aren’t ready for that. Although a long-term drug rehab care facility can be extensive, it can be necessary for many individuals to overcome their addictions and move past this stage in their life.

              Drug rehab care centers can also utilize other forms of therapy such as art and music therapy to incorporate all the senses and take a patient’s mind of the detox process. Patients can also use other forms of holistic care such as massage, acupuncture, reiki, tai-chi, yoga, and so much more! The possibilities are endless when one seeks out treatment from a rehab care facility.

Long Term Drug Rehab

Dual diagnosis treatment facility

              A dual diagnosis is often given to patient that has an addiction that stemmed from an untreated mental illness. When an individual is not equipped to handle their negative emotions on their own, they have two options. They can ignore them by self-medicating and pushing themselves deeper into a hole, or they can seek out help in a professional and healthy way. Unfortunately, many individuals are not informed of the many resources at their fingertips that can teach them healthy and constructive coping mechanisms for dealing with mental health issues.

              In a dual diagnosis treatment facility, a patient may be prescribed medication if other forms of treatment are not successful. Doctors are very careful to not prescribe anything that has the potential to be abused or anything that is even addictive in the slightest. If patients do not want to take the medication route, there are many forms of natural treatment to look into as well. Often many people suffering from a mental health disorder find solstice in starting a journal, changing their diet, and becoming more active. Patients also are encourages to get fresh air, eat well balanced meals, and participate in routine building exercises such as chores or leadership positions.

Drug rehab in Florida

Long Term Drug Rehab

              No matter what state you reside in, you can find treatment just about anywhere. If you do not think that entering a rehab center is the right choice for you, you can always experiment with different types of online support groups, AA meetings, and different forms of medication. A simple internet search will get you instant contact with healthcare providers that are ready to answer any and all of your questions. They have been doing this a while, and there is no need for shame or embarrassment.

Remember that if you are ever suffering from addiction, do not be afraid to help. It is also vital for each person to be able to identify the warning signs of developing an addiction for not just themselves but to help their loved ones as well.

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