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MDMA side effects

club drugs

At a time where nightlife and clubbing are of a huge platform for use of illicit drugs, many automatically think of stimulant drugs such as cocaine.  While a stimulant such as cocaine is extracted from natural resources found in the coca plant, synthetic drugs, which have not been around as long, seem to be taking over.  A newer drug that many are familiar with only by name, MDMA, also referred to as “molly”, or “ecstasy”, is far more dangerous, and increasing rapidly in popularity as the “club drug” of choice.

A 2014 article published by the Salem Press Encyclopedia of Health defines 3, 4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA) as a stimulant related to amphetamine and mescaline, with mind-altering properties.  Its current status in the United States is illegal, and it is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance. The drug is composed of a synthetic material that is man-made and transported through underground laboratories.  The drug can appear as a brown crystalline form, as well as in the form of a tablet, and can be ingested orally, snorted, or injected. If you ever find a small baggie filled with a crystal-like substance in your child, or friends room, they might be abusing the drug. When they drug first was introduced, it was a lot harder to get, but now with more dealers popping up and the rise of selling drugs on the internet, we are seeing a great increase in drug use.

Molly Drug Effects

MDMA increases the release of serotonin in the body and creates feelings of pleasure, mood elevation, and heightened perception.  While the drug is a classified stimulant or “upper”, it also carries side negative side effects that can include paranoia, sweating, and jaw clenching during use.  After the effects of the drug wear off, many users experience fatigue, and even depression-like symptoms due to depletion of the elevated levels of released serotonin. I’ve unfortunately seen too many instances where a person abuses club drugs constantly and is left feeling depressed and even suicidal when the party ends and the drugs run out. Do yourself a favor and take a pass next time anything that appears to be “club drugs” is being offered in your direction. You do not know what can happen to your body.

MDMA long term effects

club drugs

The National Institute on Drug Abuse did a survey in 2016 that showed that of the people surveyed, almost 12% of those aged 18-25 reported using MDMA at least once within their lifetime, and 3.5% had used within the last year. The drug’s presence is particularly popular in the rave and music festival scene, due to the euphoric effects it has on a person when using.

The growing following behind electronic music has created another realm for users to experiment with many drugs with psychoactive effects, as well as use of hallucinogenic drugs such as shrooms, LSD, or acid. Many will try to argue about which drug is safest to use, but in general, it is never safe to use club drugs, even in moderation. Drugs such as Molly or cocaine are often laced with harmful drugs or cut with substances like baby powder and baking soda. You will never know for sure what is in the drugs you have been given if you do not have a drug tester, to gauge what the drug contains. These festivals are primarily attended by the young adults, most likely contributing to the significantly higher numbers of users verses other age groups, where only 1% and 6.7% had reported MDMA usage in their lifetime.

Club drugs effects

While stimulant club drugs like MDMA release high levels of serotonin, many do not realize that the effects of the drug are in fact harmful and could leave a user with permanent brain damage.  In a clip called “Your Brain on MDMA” on YouTube by user ASAPscience, they illustrate the effects that the drug has on one’s body. The clip explains that neurotransmitters are affected by use, and that in addition to increased release of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine are also released in higher levels than normal.  The release of these chemicals in the brain produce a happy effect on users, however the same chemicals are compromised in the sense that more serotonin is destroyed in the body than usual when the drug wears off. Club drugs can be highly addictive, and users can overdose, and sometimes even die from using too much of the drug.

Molly drug side effects

club drugs

While stimulant drugs such as MDMA gives users exhilarating feelings during the peak of the drug’s effects, the effects that a user feels after the drug wears off are far worse. While the drug hasn’t been classified as a substance that one can become physically dependent, there is always a possibility of psychological dependence.  Since MDMA didn’t appear as a widespread drug until the late 1980s, there is much research to still be done on the effects of the drug use for extended periods of time.  Because the drug is synthetic, and has no found yet medicinal purpose, it remains illegal in the United States and in most other countries. When a drug is classified as “synthetic,” people assume that it is a fake, less dangerous form of the real drug. They could not be more wrong. Synthetic drugs are just s harmful as drugs that grow in the ground, or are made in a lab. In a time period that is still classified as “the war on drugs”, synthetic drug use is growing at a faster pace than ever anticipated.  With MDMA being the fastest emerging drug on the black market, we should be sure to know the potential epidemic that could come as a result.



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