10 Daily Self-Care Tips

Self-love affirmations


  1. Come up with a mantra.

A mantra is a saying, prayer, quote, or selection of words that one can repeat to themselves throughout the day in any type of situation. A mantra can be inspiring, calming, or even silly. A mantra can be used to remind you to relax, or not get to angry or stressed. A mantra that I often find myself repeating when I get overwhelmed is, “Accept the things you cannot change.” Long line at the grocery store? Hey, it’s all just a part of life. Traffic on the way to work? Everyone must do it.

How to gain confidence and self-esteem


  1. Remind yourself you are a person.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in trying to fix and please others, we neglect our own priorities. Each day make sure you take at least an hour to do what you want. Remind yourself constantly, you are a person, just as much as the next guy, and you have the right to live comfortably. You do not need to do anything to please anyone else but yourself in life. Be your own unique self, and don’t let anyone dictate how you run your life or tell you how you are supposed to feel.

  1. Look in the mirror.

Take a long look at yourself. You may see your face as full of flaws, or as completely perfect. No matter what you feel when you see your reflection staring back at you, remember it is always there. You will always have your own back. You will always be there for yourself, and you can always count on yourself to do the right thing. When you look in the mirror, you should like who you see. If you do not, maybe it is time to make some changes in your life. Then you can finally be happy with the reflection staring back at you.

  1. Respect others to gain their respect.

Respect is huge in any relationship, and when you respect others, they will hopefully want to treat you with the same respect. Humanize yourself and others, and don’t be afraid to speak out when you think something is unfair or unjust. Establish a relationship of mutual respect when you meet someone new, and work with others toward a collective goal. This can help you gain self-confidence and build your self-esteem.

Ways to practice self-care

  1. Eat a healthy, well-balanced breakfast.

These next to may seem cliché but are in fact quite vital in making sure that you practice self-care throughout your life to improve your overall sense of well-being. Eating a well-balanced breakfast will help with digestion, energy levels, and your mood. Sitting down and preparing breakfast helps to set you in a routine ready to tackle the day ahead and gives you some quiet time to collect your thoughts for the day.

  1. Drink plenty of water.

Much of the general public do not drink enough water. Often, we find ourselves parched and feeling close to dehydration when we go hours without drinking water. Purchase a reusable water bottle to carry with you constantly to quench your thirst and help save the planet while your at it. Drink a full glass of water before each meal to help lose weight, and drink water before bed and when you wake up to curb headaches and migraines.



  1. Walk with your head held high.

Your confidence is completely dependable on you, and you alone. The way that you want to hold yourself and carry yourself can give you either low or high self-esteem. When you walk with your head high, you are showing others that you do not care what they think of you, and that you do not need their validation. When you walk staring straight ahead and look like you have a goal in mind, people will often show you more respect, and stay out of your way.

Often, we do a poor job of putting on a poker face when necessary. Some people have found that they give away their emotions too quickly or come off as having “resting b***h face.” When we smile, our body tricks our mind into talking and acing more pleasant.

  1. Do things in advance.

Procrastination is not healthy. Waiting until the last minute to do things can lead to poor quality work and high stress levels. Plan things out. Make a schedule. Break up your responsibilities. Try to knock off a few things each day from your long list of responsibilities. When we do things in advance, we leave more time for mistakes and unplanned surprises.

  1. Find time to relax.

The most important part of self-care is finding time to relax. If you are constantly going and going, you will have no free time to take a break and spend some time improving yourself. This could mean going for a massage, or a nice hike on a local trail. This could mean doing a face mask or going and getting a mani-pedi or a facial. Relaxation comes in many forms and each person can find relaxation in different practices. If you are struggling to figure out how to relax, try some of the following activities:

  • Running
  • Organizing
  • Watching a movie
  • Meeting with friends for coffee or tea
  • Practice deep breathing

Self-care is all dependent on who you are as a person, and who you want to be. Your self-care plan can look completely different from another person’s, and that is totally okay. We are all unique in the ways we find pleasure, relax, and deal with problems. Make sure that you are doing what is best for you first.


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