Are We Living in a Penis Driven Society

The idea of a “penis driven society,” to me, implies a culture centered on a socially constructed ideal of masculinity. We form our own ideas on what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman from our environment. That can include our friends, family, peers, coworkers, and the media. In society today, much of what is “masculine” is seen as holding power and being dominate. Being a “real man” in the eyes of many means having male genitalia. It can only be concluded that we construct our society to go alongside with a penis driven mission.

The author says, “Men are convinced that the size of their penises determines their masculinity” (Blonna-Carter 2017, pg. 75). Our society is constantly being driven by men competing against each other to prove their masculinity. It has been construed throughout society that a large penis means that someone is more masculine than a person with a smaller penis. This creates hierarchy, because many men assume that females only want men who are largely endowed. A man who is constantly surrounded by females, is assumed to have a large penis, and gain the respect of other men. Therefore, they can move up quicker in the ranks of society, and becomes more successful.

We are living in a “penis driven society.” By this, I mean that we are living by the socially constructed gender roles and false notions about how the body works, and letting that guide the way we interact with others, and see ourselves. The media is a large contributor to this ideal. The authors write, “Much of the adult male concern about penis size stems from the perception promoted through inaccurate media coverage suggesting that size equates to virility and sexual performance. Penis size is a central theme in both straight and gay erotica and pornography” (Blonna-Carter Pg 74).

The way that we are all told to act in our daily lives in turn effects our political involvement, workplace ambitions, and how we perform inside the family. Unfortunately, many men and women are under the false idea that penis size determines masculinity, which determines a person’s worth. Hopefully one day, we can move past a “penis driven society,” and lead by actually weighing a person’s worth based on their performance.

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