“Are Men and Women the Same Political Animals”

At the end of the chapter 1 in “Women, Power, and Politics,” by Lori Cox Han and Caroline Heldman, the author asks the reader, “are men and women different political animals?” I say absolutely. Since men have always been involved in politics, they do not have as many people watching, scrutinizing, critiquing, and judging each their ever move. When women take a position of power in politics, the workplace, and even in family life, they are seen as deviating from the norm, and given labels such as ‘bitch,’ ‘home wrecker,’ and ‘dike.’ Men are a lot more cut throat than women when it comes to making policies for any marginalized group. Feminism was built on intersectionality and working to getter with other oppressed groups such as immigrants, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and minority races. Because of this, the support of the movement grew, and women became more educated on all facets of oppression. That is why I think that if more women had leadership roles in the political sphere, there would be more laws and regulations protecting traditionally oppressed groups. Women may also seek non-violent solutions to issues instead of trying to declare war, and focus on creating equality for people of all backgrounds. 

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