Teen Mental Health

The world is always changing. It is especially hard for parents to relate to their teenage children because even though they too were once this age, they have no idea what it is like to been a teenager in society today. Our parents had to deal with romantic issues in relationships, peer pressure, low self-esteem, […]

10 Daily Self-Care Tips

Self-love affirmations Come up with a mantra. A mantra is a saying, prayer, quote, or selection of words that one can repeat to themselves throughout the day in any type of situation. A mantra can be inspiring, calming, or even silly. A mantra can be used to remind you to relax, or not get to […]

Club Drugs

MDMA side effects At a time where nightlife and clubbing are of a huge platform for use of illicit drugs, many automatically think of stimulant drugs such as cocaine.  While a stimulant such as cocaine is extracted from natural resources found in the coca plant, synthetic drugs, which have not been around as long, seem […]

Drug Addiction Support

When someone we care about is suffering from addiction, it can be very overwhelming to try and support them. A person who abuses dangerous substances is not only risking their physical health, but their social and emotional health as well. They may be closed off and guarded, but it is essential to the betterment of […]


After finishing reporting, one needs to sit down with a highlighter and a note pad. Read through it to be reminded of important information, and clarify what the real story is. Highlight facts and figures that are relevant to the story for expert soundbites or quotes. When it comes to quotes, I like to complie […]

Being an Eyewitness

A feature writer must be an eyewitness to a story for a number of reasons. The value of being an eyewitness to a story you are reporting on is unmatched. It prevents hoaxes, and is a great verification method. It helps to give a feature story drama and an atmosphere, and it helps to pick […]


There are millions of good interview tips out there, and Al Tompkins give us new and insightful ones we have never seen before. Last year, I went out and purchased over 300 business cards, with the idea in mind that I would give them to potential employers. A lot of times, I have been turned […]

Intimate Journalism

In, “Telling True Stories,” the author highlights many methods of finding ideas for stories. Lane Gregory, says that is it extremely important to chat with people everywhere you go. She says to talk to strangers, and make conversation with the people you interact with on a daily basis. This is important, because you never know […]

The Waves of Feminism

The first wave mostly regarded suffrage, and Susan B. Anthony’s fight for the right to vote for white women. She published “The Revolution,” and the authors divulge into several victories and setbacks of the first wave. The authors mention that before the first wave, women were strictly confined to domestic duties around the home and […]