Substance Abuse and Gender

Why is alcoholism seen as a man’s disease? The media portrays heavy alcohol abusers as being the father of the family, or the son. Drinking whiskey all day, passed out on the couch, bottle in hand. But what about women? What about the mothers and sisters? Women can fall victim to alcoholism just as easily […]

Car Cleaning Hacks

A car is much more than a mode of transportation. For many, it is like a child. It needs constant care, love, and attention. For some, a car is a status symbol. It can be something a business owner uses to express their success and wealth, or something a teenager uses to impress a date […]

Intervention Quiz

Humans avoid confrontation. It makes them uncomfortable. It makes people feel vulnerable, ashamed, and even angry. Someone took your parking spot at work, or your roommate left dishes in the sink, and there’s nothing more you want to do than just go and yell at them. Sometimes it is best to pick your battles, and […]

Art therapy

Opening up the mind and being creative can foster healthy habits in those that are seeking ways to recover from any type of traumatic event, stress, addiction, or mental health disorders. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, I find solace in clearing my mind, sitting down, and just being crafty.               I’ve never been good at […]

Cannabis-assisted Detox

Using one drug to kick an addiction to another seems almost counter-productive. Even though one, less dangerous drug is replacing a much more harmful one, many people are under the impression that doing so would basically be replacing one addiction with another. It is true that cannabis can be used as a form of treatment […]

Sex Addiction

The line between normal sexual behavior and sex addiction is very fine, and many people dance this line quite often without even knowing they are doing so. Sex becomes an addition when the behavior takes precedent over all other aspects of an addict’s life. A sex addict will choose sex over their jobs, their family, […]

Addiction in San Francisco

What is happening in San Francisco is like nothing people have seen before. The addiction rates are skyrocketing. Untreated mental illness is being seen more and more. The problem of homelessness has gotten so bad, that tent cities have popped up all over where people sleep, eat, and live.               Maybe it’s the warm weather […]