Healthy Microbiome

Do you ever get a gut feeling about something? Do you ever feel as though your gut is trying to tell you something? While our stomachs cannot actually speak to us, it can actually communicate with us in its own little way. The way that we live our lives greatly impacts the microbiomes inside our body, and in turn makes us feel either a good or bad ‘gut feeling.’

              Life has become very convenient for many people. Drive through fast food restaurants make it so that we can eat unhealthy food without even having to walk from the car into the store. Technology makes it so that we can even have processed, fatty, food delivered right to our front door. And as the obesity rates climb and climb, the stigma around exercise becomes worse and worse.

              Both diet and exercise are key in making sure you have reached optimal gut health. By living a holistic lifestyle, you can not only improve your physical health but your mental and spiritual health as well. A holistic lifestyle can also be used as an alternative form of cancer treatment, as well as a way to fight inflammation in the body and boost your immune system.

Holistic health

Healthy Microbiome

              The practice of holistic health care can vary from person to person. It can include using non-traditional forms of treatment for your everyday life such as aromatherapy, the use of herbal remedies, acupuncture, massage, and yoga. Holistic health encompasses the body as a whole rather than as individual working parts.

 For example, if a person is experiencing pain in their gut, a practitioner may suggest changing their diet and getting more exercise, to help lose weight, improve their mood, positively impact the microbiomes in the body, as well as deal with the pain they are experiencing. The practitioner may also suggest going to group therapy as a way to learn skills for coping with unwanted stress or any mental health issues.


Healthy Microbiome

              A transition into living a holistic lifestyle begins with taking a long hard look at your diet. Cut out fast food, and any other habits of going out to eat that you may have developed. Your diet should include three well-balanced meals a day. Skipping breakfast not only leaves you feeling tired and stressed, it also can give you stomach pain as well as negatively impact the microbiomes in your body.

              Stick to anti-inflammatory foods when shopping. When you get to the produce section that is where most of your money will be spent. Fruits and vegetables help to fight inflammation in the body, and eating anti-inflammatory foods is a great way to begin your holistic lifestyle. Go for brightly colored fruits and veggies, because those are the most rich. All types of berries are fantastic for fighting inflammation, as well as spinach and broccoli. Opt for fresh produce rather than frozen or canned options.

              In order to start living a healthier life, your diet needs to be diverse and include food from all parts of the food pyramid. You can eat types of fish such as salmon, which has been proven to help fight inflammation in the body. Smoothies are a great way to include food from all over the pyramid by using coconut oil, walnuts, flax seed, ginger, as well as any fruit and vegetables you may have lying around. Make sure to also include almonds, avocados, and all types of beans such as pinto, black, and kidney.

Food to avoid

              Go into the kitchen and take a look at your cabinet and fridge. Odds are, a bunch of your food actually causes inflammation in the body and can be harmful to your health as well as impede on your holistic lifestyle. In order to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, you need to get rid of any meat products, dairy products such as milk, butter, creamer, or yogurt, as well as any bread.


Healthy Microbiome

              After a long hiatus of not being active, getting out there and exercising may sound scary. But it doesn’t have to be. There are many forms of exercise out there for beginners, people who are overweight, people who are uncoordinated, those with disabilities, and people of all ages.

              One form of exercise that can get the heart rate going, stretch out muscles and improve flexibility is yoga. There are tons of different forms of yoga out there to help deal with all sorts of issues in both the body and the mind. Yoga classes can be pricey, so one great way to get around this is to set up a yoga studio in your own home. All you need is a yoga mat or a towel, and laptop.

              Your computer has access to hundreds of thousands of yoga videos for free! You can also access free music, as well as tips and tricks on different poses. You can take it to the next level and try going to a yoga class once a week if you are feeling comfortable and confident in your practice. Though yoga practices focus on living in the moment, just think about how much better you feel after doing yoga, and try meditating afterwards as well to find peace of mind.

              Another form of exercise that many people fail to recognize is walking. Going on a walk around your neighborhood each day can help you meet new people, lose weight, improve your mood, and help you obtain optimal gut health. If you cannot find the motivation to go on walks, try dog sitting for a while, and see if having an animal depend on you for walks gets you to go out and be active. If it does, try getting a dog and see how that works.  




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