Art therapy

Opening up the mind and being creative can foster healthy habits in those that are seeking ways to recover from any type of traumatic event, stress, addiction, or mental health disorders. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, I find solace in clearing my mind, sitting down, and just being crafty.

              I’ve never been good at art. My drawing skills are comparable to a young child, I don’t have the patience to do ceramics, and even my handwriting is ugly. I have learned that there are many ways to “do” art, without having to be super creative. I paint old furniture, knit, upcycle old clothes, and reupholster old chairs.

              It feels so amazing to just sit down and crank out a piece of art that I can be proud of. It doesn’t require staying in any lines, having a steady hand, or being perfect. Instead, I look for crafts that are easy, fun, and useful. Being artistic helps me to really feel the moment that I am living in, and connect with my deeper self. Truly, it is a freeing act.

Art therapy

Coping with stress

              Learning to cope with stressful events is all part of being a human being. Avoiding stress, and pushing your feelings down just leads to eruptions. Stress is a large part of life, and once we learn to accept that, it gets much easier.

              Stress can arise from many things, and each person deals with stress in different ways. Stress can come from a job, from schoolwork, and from family and friends. Stress can also come from money. Art is a cheap way to help release some of the stress that you are carrying on your shoulders.

              Art therapy is a new form of therapy used all around the world by medical practitioners to help patients deal with the stress of daily life. When typical therapy and treatment for stress does not work, it has been found that art therapy can be a way to help those who are feeling as though their stress is starting to have a hardening effect on their ability to function.

Holistic therapies

Art therapy

              Art therapy is not the only form of holistic therapy that can be used to treat any type of negative aspects of a person’s life. There is hypnotherapy, which sounds fake to many, but actually has changed thousands of lives. My aunt was addicted to smoking cigarettes for over ten years, and she stopped cold turkey after just one session with a hypnotherapist.

              Another form of holistic therapy that is very common is acupuncture therapy. My mom had a ringing in her ears for two years when I was a child. She went to all types of doctors, and could never get a diagnosis or proper treatment. It was causing immense stress in her life, so she finally broke down and got advice from a holistic care doctor. They suggested that she see an acupuncturist, and made her an appointment. In just one session, the ringing stopped for good. Now she goes monthly as a way to help decrease stress, and improve her overall sense of well-being.

              Music therapy is often used when dealing with coping with traumatic events. Music is a form of communication, and it speaks to all types of people. Music can help people who are closed off to open their minds, and express their emotions more freely. It can also aid in testing cognitive skills of children, and people who have been in traumatic accidents.

Holistic health

Art therapy


              Being a healthy individual is so much more than just being physically fit. Being healthy means constantly working to improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well. Being spiritual does not have to be religious based, as many people have found spirituality in everyday activities and places such as through nature.

              Being healthy means getting fresh air every day, taking vitamins and supplements to improve your mood and physical health, and being open about your emotions. It means not being socially isolated, avoiding unhealthy habits, and being a well-rounded individual. Being healthy means being happy with your life.

Mental health disorders

              It is quite common to see individuals who put too much focus on their physical health, and neglect their mental health. Taking a sick day at work is usually reserved for being physically ill, but in fact taking mental health days can improve your life in many ways. The flu is contagious, but so is a bad attitude and a lack of motivation.

Pushing through a mental illness is a very ineffective way to go about it. Trying to hide your pain only makes things worse. Being honest and open, and taking time to care for yourself is a much better way to approach dealing with a mental health disorder.

Holistic addiction treatment

              Often when a person hits rock bottom, they seek out professional care. This is true with mental illness, as well as addiction. When treating addiction, often the goal is to avoid conventional forms of car such as using medications, because that is what put them there in the current situation they are in the first place.

              Holistic addiction treatment can include art and music therapy, as well as massage, acupuncture, and meditation. It can include participating in yoga classes and outdoor hikes, doing group therapy sessions, or changing a person’s diet.

              A person’s eating habits has a huge impact on their lives. It effects energy and mood levels, weight, and the risk a person has for developing heart disease. Eating healthy leads to a happy mood, tons of energy, and a healthy heart. Eating like crap, leads to clogged arteries, obesity, and a negative attitude.

              Look into forms of holistic care like art therapy today, if you are struggling with something, and traditional forms of therapy are not working.

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