Environmental toxins

We like to think that we are providing our children with the best, most healthy lifestyle possible, but most of the time, this is not true. There are hundreds of thousands of dangerous, harmful environmental toxins that your child may come into contact with on a daily basis. While it would be impossible to avoid […]

Smartphone usage

Slowly we are beginning to see a change in the stigma directed towards metal illness. We are nowhere near where we should be, but slowly, we are making it there. Celebrities have spoken out about mental illness in ways that they never have before, and institutions such as school and churches are addressing mental illness […]

Real Estate Investment

              Over forty years ago, my grandmother on my mom’s side decided to invest in real estate. She purchased 1/3 of a large family home, and the house was picked up and moved to Rehoboth Beach Delaware. It was a three story house, and the bottom two floors were split into two homes, and the […]

Bad Car Dealers

When I think of a bad car salesman, I think of the father from the movie Matilda. In this movie, the dad ‘fixes’ up and sells used and broken down cars. He is played by Danny DeVito, who portrays a perfect example of what the typical shady car salesman looks and acts like. He’s got […]