Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy 101

If you are an animal lover like me, you know that trying to get your pet to take medication is no joke. After getting your furry friend to take a pill, you may look like you just left a battle scene. I’m talking scratches, bruises, and your pet is probably going to be giving you the stink eye for a few days. If your pet is larger, you may not even be able to hold down him or her by yourself and you might be at your wits end.

Fortunately there are many techniques and products that you can utilize when giving your pet medication to make the process much easier on the both of you. Follow these simple tips and hopefully next time your pet is ill, you will be an expert in giving them medication.

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How can a pet pharmacy help me?

Seeking the help from a  veterinary compounding pharmacy may be the solution that you are looking for. They can create flavored medication that is appealing to your pets. Flavors such as tuna or chicken will have your cat begging to take that pill or dose, and they even make dog safe chocolate flavored medicine. I realize not all pet owners have dogs or cats. There are also birds and other small animals. Compounding pharmacies have fruit flavors such as banana for those types of animals.

Pet owners can use compounding pharmacies to meet a majority of your needs when it comes to giving medication to your pet. Instead of taking a pill for medication, they can also create a gel that can be applied to your pet’s inner ear that will absorb into their skin and treat them. That way you do not have to get near their mouth or open it. I know my cats have some serious claws on them and if I even tried to get close to their mouth they would swipe me and run the other way. I could really benefit from a pet pharmacy.

Tips for administering oral pet medications

Unfortunately, there comes a time in every animal’s life where they are sick and need to go to the vet. You get there and they tell you what your pet needs isn’t sold over the counter.  Getting a prescription for a pet is a lot different than getting one for yourself, and there are many precautions and rules to look into and follow. If you do not, you could end up harming your pet more than helping it.

Remember that if you do chose to hold down your pet to give them their medication, make sure you are not causing them any harm. Do not put all of your weight onto them and make sure they are comfortable, but secure. Remember you are much stronger than them and you can easily hurt them by mistake. Wear long sleeves if you think they might bite or scratch you and cover your face if needed. Have someone who has a history with animals help you and make sure you are in a small room where your pet cannot hide. Be ready for your animal to be slightly afraid of you for up to a few days after you have to hold them down. But don’t worry, they will soon forget and be back to being your best friend in no time.

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Medication for dogs

The number one tip for those who are trying to get their dog to take medication is to put it in their food. If you are lucky, your sick pet will still have an appetite, and you can mix in their medication with the food they eat every day. Stay calm throughout the entire process, because most likely your pet can tell when you are feeling nervous, anxious or stress. Dogs are very good at reading a situation and picking up on people’s tone of voice and demeanor. If you are calm and relaxed, hopefully your dog will be too.

Make sure you give them a treat if they are calm and relaxed thought the process. Show them they are being a good boy or girl and that if they make it easy next time, they can get another treat. Make sure it is not a treat that will interfere with the medication you gave them. Also make sure not to give it to them right after if they aren’t supposed to eat on the medication. If they are into playing with chew toys, purchases them a new one to play with when you give them their medicine so they are in a better, happier mood. It is important to follow any and all directions given to you by the vet, so your pet can get healthy as fast as possible without any problems.

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The value in consulting a pet health pharmacy

Pet health pharmacies can help you with your pet’s medication in ways you did not know you needed. With a pet pharmacy, all of the dosages will be done correctly and prescribed in the right amount, so they you do not have to give multiple pills or break any in half. Pet health pharmacies give your pet an enjoyable experience while they take medication, and it will make the process much easier for you as well.


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