The Importance of Website Design

This year, I am taking a class titled Digital Publishing. I hope to expand my skills in writing genuine, interesting content for the internet. On the first day of class, our professor told the class we have to choose a topic and create a website and blog to go along with it as our semester project. I decided to choose a topic that I would benefit from in my personal life and also something that I have tons of background knowledge on. I choose doing yoga in your own home. This was the easiest part. Next I have to determine how I want to approach the web design of my website and blog.

I want my website to be very pleasing to look at. A major reason people seek out yoga is to find relaxation in their life. I hope to use calming neutral tones with my fonts, borders, and photos. I want to have a few videos as well as links to products that I enjoy. Luckily, this class is teaching me how to go about creating my own website. Companies today need to seek out a professional website design company in order to properly have a professional create the best website for their brand and business.

responsive web design

Keep in mind the value of great content

There are several other aspects I want to include on my web page in order to show my teacher the vast skills I have in website design. User navigation is a key aspect in your website’s popularity. Website visitors need to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, or they will leave and find someone else. I believe the most important part of a website is blog content. Blog content is constantly updated to incorporate new ideas, products, and news. It can draw in all types of readers and bring more traffic to your website.

One more aspect of my website that I would like to have is a live Twitter feed to some sort of yoga center or yoga facts account. That way, visitors see that yoga is a hot topic with new information all the time.

Don’t forget responsive website design

There is one thing that many businesses and companies forget to incorporate on their websites. It is the ability for the page to be able to be viewed on any type of device. Not everyone that visits your website is going to be doing it on a computer and you need to be aware of that and be able to accommodate to it. If you do not, the spacing, margins, and much more will be messed up when people try to view your page on different devices. Many people do not have the patience to look through a website on their phone that is hard or confusing to read. This means that if you do not incorporate responsive web design in your site, you run a high risk of losing out on valuable web traffic.

effective web page design

Effective web page design

You need to make sure your website design gets the message across that you intend. For me, I want people to leave my website knowing at least one way to incorporate yoga into their home life. If the purpose of your business is to sell a product, then make that the forefront of your website. Give prices, sizes, colors, and any other options there are for your product. Display the information in a succinct, uncluttered, but attractive manner. You can include reviews from real customers, videos of your workers using the product, tips on how to use it, common questions customers have, and related products. If your item is out of stock, add a way to get notified if it comes back into stock. Let website viewers create wish lists and sign up for weekly emails with deals and promotions.

Website marketing includes social media too

website marketing and social media

Does your company have a brand? It is said that a website is like a digital storefront. You need to make sure your company is known for being a well-liked and recognized brand. An outdated website shows an outdated business and no one will want to be associated with a company that is not equipped to deal with new and emerging technologies.

One way that many companies chose to market their website is hiring ambassadors to promote their brand. You can hire college interns who have may connections with classmates and social groups to spread the word about your brand. College students jump at the chance to add something to their resume and will often work for free or very little.

Social media marketing is key in adapting your business to fit the future of communication. Is your company on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? What about Pinterest, Tumblr, and Snapchat? What about LinkedIn, Reddit, or YouTube? Sound like a lot? It should. All of these accounts need to be managed by a person who can update them several times a day. Twitter accounts need to have original content, interesting retweets, and quick and timely responses to any customers reaching out to them. Customers love to complain on social media because they feel as though it puts your company on the spot and makes it public. They are right.

Everyone’s watching to see how your company deals with customer complaints and they will base their idea about your company around that. On Instagram, your company needs to post products as well as coupons and promotions. On other social media accounts, you need to have new and interesting original content and photos that will draw in people to your business. Hiring a professional marketing agency with experience in creating custom web design will help you in getting all of this done.

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