Neuromarketing and Storytelling

If you are interested in increasing the marketing of your company, you may have heard of a little thing called Neuromarketing. What is Neuromarketing? It is what some believe can be the start of a whole new type of advertising and marketing. It has revolutionized the industry, and given companies the freedom to explore their creativity and connect with their true human nature.

The marketing campaign of Stride Gum


Before 2015, I really had no idea what stride gum was. I was never much of a gum chewer in the past, and I always just bought the cheapest brand available, usually just to get cash back from a convenience store. This all changed after I saw this commercial that used neuromarketing to get their message across effectively.

First of all, the company did an amazing job at choosing a progressive, interracial couple. Too often are we faced with the same white, upper class, heterosexual couple and it is nice to see a couple that embodies more normal and common character traits. At first glance, one might not even notice that the couple involves a white woman and Hispanic male, which is an often underrepresented part of the community. This commercial is a love story, and it involves a couple that more accurately represents the nation as a whole.

Second of all, the music choice for this commercial was superb, and I couldn’t imagine it sung any other way. Choosing a classic Elvis song appeals to an older crowd, and using a new, famous artist gave it a fresh twist that draws in young people. After seeing this commercial for the first time I actually went out and bought a ukulele, just to try to learn how to play the song.

There are many things that Stride Gum did right in this commercial. By using a classic, crowd pleasing song, this commercial was destined to be a success. The viewer gets to watch “Juan and Sarah” as they go along a magical journey of meeting each other, falling in love, and eventually getting married.

I never saw Stride Gum the same after watching this commercial. To this day it is still my favorite commercial of all time, and no one can convince me otherwise. Incorporating storytelling into your Neuromarketing campaign can be what sets you aside from the competition, like it did with me for Stride Gum. Anytime I hear this commercial starting I go running, and make everyone shut up and watch.

Social marketing of Image

social marketing

Many people in society are under the impression that corporations are the bad guys. When you look more closely, one can observe the many positive changes that corporations in America ae funding and pushing the message of. One issue that many companies choose to highlight is the lack of diversity in the workplace. Starting and funding campaigns that help to combat this lack of diversity are creating real change in the workforce. Some companies chose to highlight something that the media has helped to create: an unrealistic body image ideal set for men and women.

Dove soap works to promote natural beauty and the acceptance of all body types. They use plus sized models that look like real people, as to not set an unrealistic unachievable body image for younger girls watching. Dove uses its platform as a top rated soap distributer to promote a message of acceptance and female empowerment.

Another company that is working to promote positive body image ideals is Aerie. This company, which is a clothing and underwear company for young girls, has pledged to no longer use Photoshop in their advertisements. The use of Photoshop has had a terrible negative impact on how young women view themselves. When an advertisement alters its images, there is no possible way someone could ever look like that. Aerie is working to get rid of the altering of images used in advertising to help promote a message of acceptance and self-love.

JC Penny launched an ad highlighting how women of different sizes fight against each other, when they should be working together to improve life for all types of women and empower people to create social change. Modcloth signed a pledge promising not to alter the faces or bodies of their models used. Man other companies are trying to use social marketing as a way to create social change and a bigger name for their brand. It really works when one looks at all the buzz and news these campaigns generate.

Always, the tampon brand, created a very famous commercial called “like a girl.” This campaign highlighted the differences that people have in their minds about what it means to be a boy and what it means to be a girl. They ask young men and women to ‘throw like a girl’ and most people pretend to throw it weakly and sloppily. Then by the end of the commercial, we see young girls throwing the ball as hard as they can. This really brings to light the power that self-confidence can have in bringing women up, and the power that false stereotypes can have in bringing women down.

social marketing

Brands use Neuromarketing to appeal to the intended emotional reactions of the audience. When you smile, or frown, or even cry from an advertisement, that is Neuromarketing at work. You too can use Neuromarketing to help bring your brand and company to be working at maximum levels. Look into it today, to get started on your new marketing campaign tomorrow!

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