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When you eat, do you really get the most of the experience? Do you embrace the texture as well as the flavor? Are you fully aware of all the thoughts that go through your head? Or do you just let them pass by? Do you notice when your mood changes? When you suddenly get happy or upset do you take time to notice the shift in your emotions and what caused it? Do you notice the people around you? The sounds? The smells?

It is quite easy to determine if we are being mindful in our lives. By taking a mindfulness quiz, you can assess your level of mindfulness and determine if you need to work on it. They will ask you other questions such as if you try to keep busy, or if you often tell yourself that you should not have certain thoughts. Deliberate thinking, mindfulness, and being “aware” of the present moment can help anxiety and other mental illness symptoms.

mindfulness quiz online

Mindfulness exercises

Being in college can be extremely stressful. Sometimes, college students will go entire days without taking even a second to live in the moment. As a student, there are many ways that you can easily practice mindfulness such as listening to music, keeping a journal, and much more.

I believe that keeping a journal is key to living in the moment. Writing down any thoughts that you have during the day can be great to use to reflect on later in the day. You can see any mood changes you have, reflect on how you interact with people, and much more. It can be therapeutic in many forms to write in a journal daily.

Breathing exercises can be a really great mindfulness exercise that you can do anywhere, anytime, on the go, or at home. Deep breathing helps to regulate your mood and bring your body to a state of relaxation. A physical act can be combined with the mental practice of meditation can help you find peace with everyday stressors such as schoolwork or classwork.

Mindfulness meditation and anxiety

Mindfulness meditation can help decrease feelings of anxiety and any other mental illnesses you may be suffering from. Meditation helps to bring people to a state of relaxation and balance to their body.

Meditation can also be done in combination with yoga. This can increase flexibility as well as help with heart and brain health. Yoga can aid in back and neck pain, and any feelings of stress. I know for myself that every time I do yoga, I leave the studio feeling more refreshed and energetic than ever. It stretches my limbs and helps to crack my back.

Meditation can be done in all types of settings. You can go out and do it on a beach, or in the middle of the woods. You can do it in your living room, or outside in your backyard. If you even have the chance, you can set up a group yoga session at your work or at school. Getting others involved can encourage you to do more to help yourself live in the moment.

mindfulness meditation and anxiety

Alcohol and personality changes

People do many things that they regret when they drink heavily. Often men will become much more aggressive when drinking and try to pick up girls more often than they would compared to if they were sober. Girls who blackout will willingly follow home guys they barely know and have no memory of it. They can wake up the next morning with a headache, regret, and shame.

Many people have stories of themselves or friends getting arrested for being too aggressive with police officers. They will try to fight the police, resist arrest, or try to run. People can also get cited for underage drinking, having an open container, or urinating in public. These tickets can follow you for life and lead to jail time, fines, and community service.

When we drink often, we forget to live in the moment and really appreciate what is going on around us. This also happens when we become obsessed with social media.

alcohol and personality changes

Social media obsession disorder

Teens nowadays are constantly on social media. They are checking their Tumblr, Snapchat, and Instagram over 100 times a day. Everyday new social media apps are being created and used by millions worldwide. It’s impossible to escape the pull of social media in society today. Those who do not have Facebooks are seen as weird, rare, social outcasts. Even if a person wants to live off the grid, there is still going to be photos of them online.

Facebook has recently been under immense heat for mining and selling user’s personal information. People really still do not care. They would rather have their information stolen than not be a part of the world’s largest social network. People have a fear of missing out on what others are doing. If they cannot brag about something on social media, they see no point in even doing it.

People also have a huge problem with oversharing on social media. They put up their meals, their vacations, their schedules, and so much more. People put up baby pictures, recipes, stories of stuff that made them angry, stories of stuff that made them happy, and much more. There comes a point where people just do not care what they are posting, they will just do it to do it.

Oversharing can lead to many negative consequences. Potential criminals can monitor your activity and possible attack you or rob your home. You can easily get your identity stolen and spend the next few years trying to deal with complications from that.

 Spirituality in recovery

Many people will chose to incorporate their spirituality when recovering from an addiction. This can be a drug, alcohol, gambling, sex, and much more. Having a spiritual facet of life can make the recovery process so much easier. Being spiritual also can have a positive impact on your mindfulness.

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