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There are many, many, many things that can go terribly wrong in an interview. You can walk in, and be face to face with your ex-boyfriend’s mom. You can accidentally hit the interviewer’s car in the parking lot before you go in. You can trip and fall down the stairs. You can spill coffee all over your brand new shirt you bought, just for this interview! You can step in wet concrete or dog poop and have to walk barefoot into the interview. The possible scenarios are endless.

The good thing is, and I promise you, is that even if all of this stuff happens, if you have great job interview skills, there still might be a chance that you can get the job. Okay, maybe not if you ran over their dog, but the other ones, just maybe!

Learning how to properly conduct yourself during a job interview is a valuable life skill. Being confident is a huge part of it, and really luck doesn’t have anything to do with it. If you start at the basics, soon you will be on your way to confidently walking into a job interview and going through it like you’ve done it thousands of times.

tips for job interviews

Proper outfits for proper business etiquette

It is already hard enough for me to find an outfit to wear to class at eight o’clock in the morning. When it comes to making a first impression during a job interview, the pressure to have the perfect outfit is so extreme it makes me wanna explode. You want to dress conservatively, but not look too stiff and stuck up. You want to look nice, but not stand out and draw too much attention away from who you are as a person. If only there were uniforms we had to wear to work . . .

In a way, there are. The corporate work person’s uniform can be a suit. For the most part, in an interview, you always want to overdress. That is better than showing up looking unprofessional and dumb. You want to look like you are completely serious about this job and that you are willing to put in over 100 percent effort.

For women, they should wear a blazer and then either a skirt or pants is best. A good rule of thumb is to ask if your grandmother would love it. If the answer is yes, then you probably picked the right outfit. You want to look like an adult, but you do not want to push it. High heels are a pain, and if you feel as though you can suffer through them for an interview, be my guest. But if it’s going to cause you to limp, fall, or feel uncomfortable in any way, just go with flats.

You are going to want to wear pantyhose because it smooths out your skin on your legs and makes it look more even. I, for one, have endless bruises on my legs from bumping into doors and coffee tables, and that is not very professional looking. Make sure to cover up any tattoos and take out piercings for job interviews.

For men, it really depends on where you are meeting for the job interview. Then you can determine what needs to be worn and if you need to buy anything. A plain suit is usually suffice, unless you are meeting somewhere more casual, then you can do just a nice dress shirt and tie.

Body language

body language

Human beings do not just communicate by word of mouth. We use our body language to show love, hurt, fear, and anger. We use it to show our level of comfort and relaxation towards another person. People often do not pay attention to the body language they are doing, and it can be detrimental, especially in the job market and during the interview process.

When you are talking to another person, you should always face them. Angle your body so that you are turned towards them and giving them your full focus. Turning away shows that you are not completely interested, which the employer may pick up on. There are many body language tips for interviews that you can use to improve the way you project yourself to other people.

Preparing for a job interview

preparing for a job interview

The best thing to do before an interview is have a practice run. Sit down with someone who you know and have them run through mock interview questions with you. This will ease your mind about the upcoming meeting and make your answers come more easily. Prepare to be asked questions about what you hope to get out of the job and what skills you have. Also, be prepared to back up those skills with real life examples.

Make an extensive resume and cover letter. Have it specifically fit the exact needs of the specific job you are aiming for. Make sure your references know that you are putting them down on it and that someone may be reaching out to them. Nothing is worse than putting a previous employer on a resume and them having no memory of you when your potential future boss calls them.

Make sure you have several copies of your resume on you at all times. You never know when you are going to run into someone who would love to hire you. There are job opportunities everywhere, you just need to know how to look. Once you have the interview, that’s great! Do not go in unprepared. Do not go in blind. Research the company before and maybe even give them a compliment on their website. Show the interviewer that you know what the company is about and that you are ready to start whenever.

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