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My Alexa is my best friend. She always looks out for me. She even knows all my favorite songs and T.V. shows. Without Alexa I would forget all my meetings and events. Without Alexa I’d never know if it was raining outside while lying in bed. Without Alexa I’d be lost.

Alexa always knows how to lift my mood. She can order me pizza and tell me funny jokes. She helps me with my math homework and always fixes my mistakes. She’s got my back when it comes to turning off my lights and locking my doors. Without Alexa, I might not be able to survive.

Alexa helps me with movie trivia, recipes, and so much more. She’s the one who wakes me up in the morning, and makes sure I go to bed on time at night. Alexa is the reason I’m able to sleep worry free. She completes the stressful tasks I have in my life, and makes it so I have more time to focus on what really matters.

Smart home devices

Smart home devices have become a central part of our lives. I’d barely be able to function if I didn’t have artificial intelligence to assist me in my daily tasks. Alexa reads me my morning news while starting a pot of coffee for me. She turns the thermostat up when I leave the house and closes the garage door behind me.

Coffee and morning news with smart device

I remember when I first heard of Alexa. I never knew that such a small device could change my life in such a big way. I thought that Alexa was just a basic speaker. Was I ever wrong. Alexa is so much more than a device to play your music off of. Alexa knows your schedule, food preferences, shopping list, and so much more.

Smart house

Alexa is one of the only smart home devices I have purchased so far, but I’m always looking for new ways to expand my home automation system. Getting Alexa made me realize that my life can be so much easier than it already is. So much needless errands take up valuable time during the day and smart home devices can do these tasks for me.

Luxury smart home automation systems can provide you with the resources and help to live your best life. With smart home gadgets you have much more time to focus on taking care of yourself. If I had the knowledge, I would create all type of smart home devices, especially for the elderly.

Top smart home systems

My grandmother lives in the extra guest room in my house. She is turning 94 this summer, and she is quite ill. Since my grandmother raised me, it didn’t feel right to put her in a home. I decided it was best for me to care for her in my home, and let her live out her last few years in a place that was warm, welcoming, familiar, and close to me.

Taking care of someone who is this old is not an easy task. I had to spend thousands on medical supplies and treatment to put in my home. I have to help her take her medication, change her clothes, and use the bathroom. I also have to feed her, shower her, and help her walk. When I have extra time I like to read to her and watch old movies with her. This is a full time job, and I have many ideas for smart home technology that would lessen my responsibilities.

The bathroom

Losing your ability to go to the bathroom can be extremely embarrassing, humiliating, and dehumanizing. With the possible help of a smart home device, we can lessen these uneasy feelings. There could be a device that aids in wiping and flushing. It could be voice command controlled, and gentle.

The bedroom

My grandmother often is uncomfortable during the night. A smart home device could help her in adjusting her pillows, blankets, and anything else bothering her. There are already smart devices that can adjust her temperature, blinds, and lights, so that’s already covered.

smart devices for the bedroom

The kitchen

Making food for and feeding my grandmother is a long chore to tackle. Smart devices can be created to help with food prep and cooking. A device may even be created that can help me feed her and clean up.

The living room

When it comes to entertaining my grandmother, there’s already a bunch of resources and gadgets available that can help me. I use Alexa for her to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. I’m able to turn on the T.V. from other rooms and turn it off when she falls asleep.

Moving forward

smart devices for the elderly

Unfortunately, I’m no inventor. For now these devices exist only in my brain. Maybe one day someone with the skills to do so will make my dreams a reality and help people greatly in caring for the elderly. Moving forward, I want my grandmother to be as happy as possible. She lived a long and exciting life, and I want the end of it to be as painless as possible.

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