Causes of Depression

Causes of Depression

causes of depression

            Several weeks ago, famous singer and actress Demi Lovato overdosed inside of her home. She had spent her life struggling with several mental health issues including depression and an eating disorder. She has been in and out of rehab centers, and recently admitted in one of her songs that she had broken her sobriety.

Lovato was constantly ridiculed and bullied most of her preteen years. She was called fat by classmates and developed bulimia, a disorder that causes a person to eat food and then throw it up after. Lovato chose to hide her depression from her loved ones, and unfortunately turned to drugs as a way to cope with her many issues.

Often the general public will regard celebrity mental health issues as being not genuine, or as a cry for attention. Celebrities are seen as not real human beings, and often their mental health issues are dismissed because of their extravagant and seemingly perfect lifestyles. Celebrities such as Robin Williams hid their feelings of depression and sadness with a mask what is seen as acceptable behavior. Those in the spotlight often choose to keep their mental health issues a secret from every one, and this can lead to self-harm, drug abuse, and even suicide.

Depression symptoms

depression symptoms

            Many symptoms of depression get brushed away and pushed under the rug because a lot of them are hard to spot, and hard to monitor. Crying spells are a symptom of depression, but crying spells can also be caused by other things such as sad movies, PMS, and pregnancy. Significant weight loss without exercise can be a key determining factor in figuring out of someone is suffering from depression. When a person is not getting enough sleep, they will burn more calories and lose weight. When a person is stressed and is constantly pacing or being restless, they will also lose weight.

            A huge sign that something is going wrong in someone’s life is if they are not getting enough sleep. Depression can cause a person’s mind to race, and prevent them from falling asleep or staying asleep during the night. If you notice that someone has been a lot more tired than they usually are, or if they constantly have bags under their eyes, it may be an indication that they are suffering from depression.

            Depression symptoms are not all physical. When a person is suffering from depression, it is not only evident in their body, but in their actions and words. Depression can cause a person to lose interest in things they used to find joy in. Athletes who got a rush from getting their heart beat racing from exercise can find more enjoyment just sitting in bed all day if they have depression. Creative people feel as though they lost their inspiration to continue their work when they have depression.

            Depression can also be seen when taking a look at how a person is acting socially, and if they are pulling away from interacting with loved ones. This is not to say that all shy people are depressed, but rather to point out that if a friend who used to be extremely social and vibrant is now isolating themselves, something may be wrong. Depression can cause a lot of social anxiety in individuals who used to find lots of enjoyment in going out and being surrounded by others.

Causes of depression

causes of depression

            There are many, many ways that a person can develop depression in their lifetime. A tragic event, or the loss of someone close to you can trigger depression in a completely normal person. Losing a parent or spouse often causes an individual to feel extremely sad, and without support and the proper resources, this can lead to a deep depression.

            Depression can also be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. When doctors look at those who suffer from depression, often they do not have the same amount of serotonin as a regular person. This can easily be treated by visiting a psychiatrist and learning about what type of treatment and medication is best for you.

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