Treating Scar Tissue

Dear Lauren,

            Last year when I was riding a horse I got bucked off and split my chin open. I was okay, but I had to get eleven stitches that wrapped around the bottom part of my face. The doctors told me that I was lucky, and that it could have been a lot worse. I am very grateful that I was not injured any worse than my chin, but it is a year later and I still have a very large scar that I am very self-conscious about.

            When I first got my scar, I put all the creams and lotions that were recommended, but I still saw no change. I made sure to keep it covered when I went outside, and I put tons of sunscreen on the healing skin. I have tried healing oils, and all types of alternative medicine as well to no avail. The scar is still huge, and makes me feel really bad about my appearance.

            Since my accident, I have avoided being in photos. I hide my face when I am in public because I feel like everyone is staring at me. My scar is the first thing someone notices when they see my face, and I hate it. I want to do whatever it takes to at least get rid of some of the scar tissue that is on my face. What can I do?


“Scarred Sally”

Scar treatment

scar tissue treatment

Dear “Scarred Sally,”

            It would be very hard to make it through life without getting a few battle wounds. A life closed away, afraid of injury, is not life at all. Many people obtain scars from surgeries, falling off things, car accidents, burns, cuts, running into things, and much more. Scars are so common that doctors and scientists have worked vigorously to create new forms of treatment that can greatly reduce the visibility of scars.

            Scar treatment is inexpensive, easy to access, and easy to implement into your life. One easy way that many individuals have worked to decrease the visibility is to cut open Vitamin C pills, and rub the oil into the scar. Do this daily, and the intended outcome is to have a less visible scar. You can also purchase an aloe vera plant, and break it open and use the insides as healing lotion for the scar. Many people have claimed that the juice from the aloe helps to reduce the size of the scar.

Healing a scar

            Healing a scar is a long process, but with hard work and a daily routine, you will be able to eventually decrease the visibility of the mark on your face. With a large scar like the one that you have, you may need to look into medication that is not available over the counter. Instead you may need to look into getting treatment from a compounding pharmacy, where they have many forms of effective scar healing medication just for you. Treating scar tissue is very delicate and you need to be sure that you do not make any mistakes that can make the scar worse, or infect it.

Best of Luck,


Healed scars

scar removal

Dear Lauren,

            Three years ago I had two beautiful twin boys. The pregnancy was extremely hard, and the delivery was even harder. The doctors determined the best line of action to take was to give me a cesarean section. I was really nervous, but I had to do what was best for my boys. They were both born very healthy, and we were all able to go home within a few days.

            I would not give up my children for anything in the world. I would give my life to protect them, and I cherish their presence every day. The awful pregnancy and labor process is finally behind us, but I still have a very, very large scar on my stomach that I am very sad about. I know that my C-section scar is a battle wound that shows the hard work I have done as a mother, but it makes me upset to look in the mirror and see a huge imperfection on my body.

            I am scared that I have waited too long to treat my scar, and that there is no way to fix it now. Is there anything that I can be doing to try to decrease the visibility of my scar, besides just covering up in shame?


“Scarred Mommy”

Scar removal

scar removal

Dear “Scarred Mommy,”

            C-section scars are so common, but many women are still ashamed of the marks that their pregnancy has left on their body. Luckily, scar removal is available for those who want to get rid of their scar or have it stand out much less. You will be able to show skin without feeling shame about how you look.

            There are Band-Aids, patches, creams, lotions, and medication that you can utilize to help you with the appearance of your scar. If you work every day to apply these treatments, you will soon see results. You can also use natural remedies such as lemon juice, baking soda, and many other household items.

            If you want to go a more direct route, you can try out more expensive options, such as laser removal, fillers, or other forms of surgery. Even will all of these treatment forms, scars will never go away completely, so do not set your ambitions too high.

Best of Luck,


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