5 Times Budweiser Used Neuromarketing

What is neuromarketing?


              What is neuromarketing? Neuromarketing helps to measure the different ways people respond to and emotionally react towards different messages being sent by a product. When you find yourself crying over a two minute commercial, it is because of neuromarketing. Brands try their best to appeal to the emotional side of viewers when making a commercial, whether it be anger, sadness, anxiety, fear, or joy. Many companies use neuromarketing without us, the consumer, even noticing.

              One company that is a perfect example of how to use neuromarketing in advertising campaigns is the popular beer company Budweiser. Without getting overly political, Budweiser was able to address important issues of concern, give back to the local and national community, and spread awareness and education about public safety, entertainment, and other concerns and issues.

Marketing campaigns

marketing campaigns

1.    Drinking and driving

Nothing makes people get emotionally invested like a tiny cute puppy. No matter what age, gender, or race you are, odds are that you love to look at adorable puppies even if it is to watch a commercial. Budweiser decided to appeal to the emotions of the average beer drinker. The company is aware that drinking and driving is a huge problem in the nation, and promoting a message of responsible drinking can lessen the burdens that fall on the company every time there is a drinking and driving accident. The viewer obviously does not want the dog to grow up all along without an owner, and since the man drank responsibly and did not choose to get behind the wheel, the puppy doesn’t have to. This method of persuasion is quite interesting, and a crowd pleaser. If you are ever struggling with trying to connect with the audience’s emotional side, go for puppies or babies, they can’t lose.

2.    Clean water

Budweiser really decided to tackle an issue that is often not talked about by the general public. During the super bowl of 2018, the company released a commercial showcasing the millions of cans of clean water they have donated to cities and states in need. This hurricane season was one of the roughest the nation has seen in a very long time, and people’s homes and lives were devastated.  Budweiser donated water to places like Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and many other cities that so desperately needed help. This made the company’s brand mean so much more than just drinking beer. The company proved its true dedication to making the world a better place. This tugs on the heartstrings of many fellow Americans because they know it can happen to them just as easily.

3.    Mother’s day

              This time, Budweiser appealed to an even larger audience than ever: athletes and their moms. It shows the mothers of professional NBA players cheering on their sons, crying over them, hugging them, supporting them, and loving them. This tribute to mothers really sticks out because often people forget that mothers have the most important, underappreciated, hardest job of all. This video appears to the natural human nature response, which is to feel happy and sad at the same time. Watching it really makes me want to go call my mom now.

4.    Friendship

Are you kidding me? This time a puppy and a horse? And they’re best friends? This is like a calendar photoshoot or something! Nothing melts a viewer’s heart like seeing two unlikely animals hit it off. The commercial takes the consumer on an emotional journey with the lost dog. We get to see as he loses his buddy, but then we get to experience his joy when they are reunited.

5.    The military

              People often have very strong, conflicting opinions about the military. Some people want there to be no wars, violence or killing at all. Some individuals and groups are under the strong belief that war and a strong military are the only option in today’s society to protect the nation. No matter where a person falls on this spectrum, they most likely support the troops. They most likely will have respect for the men and women who put their lives on the line in the name of America. Members of the U.S. military rarely get to go home and see their families. So when there is video proof of a soldier coming home to a welcoming family, it makes people very warm and happy.

Neuromarketing in your business


              It can be quite easy for you to learn how to implement Neuromarketing into your business to get the most out of your advertising budget. Neuromarketing does not always have to be positive like how it is done by Budweiser. You can also use advertisements that invoke negative emotions such as fear, anger, or sadness to get a response from the viewer. This can backfire however, if your commercial is too sad or upsetting. Then people may associate your brand with negative emotions, which you do not want.

Puppies and babies don’t really work for every product and service, and there are thousands of ideas just waiting to be made into commercials. Taking on a campaign or national issue can also help there be positive associations with your company or business. Donating to charity shows the company’s compassion, generosity, diversity, and so much more. Get involved with Neuromarketing today to help boost the ratings and income of your company today!


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