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What’s The Move?

Moves is a brand new app available for download in the iTunes store for free. The entire idea behind Moves is to have an open communication in communities about local events, promotions, and happenings. Moves gives the user the capability to create and post events for those within a 20 mile radius to view.

You can choose to make an event either private or public. When it is private, everyone within the radius can see the event photo and name, but not the location. Users can request to join an event and the host can either accept or decline their request. When you make an event, the home screen with show the image, general location, date, and cost. Then when you click on the event you can see a longer description of the event and the precise location as well.

moves world app create an event

Events can also have their own personalized emoji which will show up next to the event, and also under the maps tab, which has emoji’s on top of each event location. You are able to zoom in and out to view events and click on them for more details. With Moves, you are also able to add music to an event that plays when a person clicks on an event. This gives a deeper level to promoting your event and customizing your business brand.

moves world app event planning

This application is going to be great for growing and existing businesses. It is free and easy marketing. This app can help promote company launches, happy hours, special events, performances, charity events, discount nights, and so much more. A restaurant can post if they are having a music concert, karaoke nights, or art and painting night. It is also very useful to the average college and high school student. Moves gives young people the opportunity to have a wide range of options when going out for the night. Imagine having an endless list of pre games and house parties that you can access without having to directly contact the host. You no longer have to go to the SAME happy hour week after week. There are so many deals out there for you to jump on that you just do not know about. Now with Moves, you are able to view other local happy hours and find a new place to claim as your weekly spot


This app can be very useful for those who are in Greek life organizations. It can be used to inform members of pre games, chapter meetings, mandatory events, birthdays, PR events, and so much more!

When you download moves you have to make a profile. This includes photos, your age, what school you go to, what followers you have and who you are following. You can request to follow other users by clicking their icon when they post an event. Your profile also shows how many upvotes you have gotten. Users have the option to upvote an event that they find interesting. The host gets a notification, which they can control in their notification center.

moves app

Moves currently has no in-app purchases, and is still in the beginning phases of launching, with improvements being made constantly.

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