Treating Scar Tissue

Dear Lauren,             Last year when I was riding a horse I got bucked off and split my chin open. I was okay, but I had to get eleven stitches that wrapped around the bottom part of my face. The doctors told me that I was lucky, and that it could have been a lot […]

Shame and Guilt Mantras

Often when a person goes through a difficult recovery from an addiction, they will blame themselves and feel strong emotions of shame and guilt. Addicts are sometimes afraid that their problems will burden their loved ones and that no one cares enough to help. Many people believe that being addicted to a dangerous substance is […]

Anxiety Quiz

Struggling with anxiety can cause a person to feel as though they have no hope. Without the proper tools help treat to any type of mental illness, an individual can experience very negative emotional and physical side effects. Often a person is not aware that they are suffering from an anxiety disorder and spend many […]

5 Times Budweiser Used Neuromarketing

What is neuromarketing?               What is neuromarketing? Neuromarketing helps to measure the different ways people respond to and emotionally react towards different messages being sent by a product. When you find yourself crying over a two minute commercial, it is because of neuromarketing. Brands try their best to appeal to the emotional side of viewers […]

Process Addiction

Dear Lauren, My father has become severely addicted to gambling. After my mother died, he got severely depressed, and found comfort at online gambling tables. He not only does it online but at nearby casinos at least three times a week. He has spent all of his retirement savings at the casinos and has racked […]

moves world app

What’s The Move?

Moves is a brand new app available for download in the iTunes store for free. The entire idea behind Moves is to have an open communication in communities about local events, promotions, and happenings. Moves gives the user the capability to create and post events for those within a 20 mile radius to view. You […]