My Oral Health Routine

It takes me about an hour to get ready for bed every night. I like to do small tasks at night that improve my overall health and make the next day much less stressful. I begin by packing my backpack for the next day’s classes. I wake up pretty early and it’s nice to be able to just grab my backpack and head out the door without having to worry about remembering everything for class.

The first step of my nightly routine is that I check the weather for the next day. I get really cold and Maryland’s winters have not been kind to me. I pick out an outfit that will keep me warm and I put aside gloves, a scarf, a headband and my winter coat. I really don’t care how ridiculous I look, if it keeps me warm, I’m putting it on. Even if it only drops just below forty, you will still see me bundled up like a snowman.

After that, I hop in the shower. I use shampoo and conditioner that is for my hair type and I wash my body with an exfoliating scrub. I also use a loofa, shaving cream, and face wash. I used to use a shower lotion, but I have heard that it dries out your skin so I stopped. Stepping out of the shower, I will then brush my hair and dry it. My house gets very cold at night, and it’s almost impossible to sleep with wet hair.

I change into pajamas and crank my space heater up to high. I apply lotion to my arms and legs and take my contacts out. I clean and then put on my glasses, because without them I am as blind as a bat. Next and finally, I will tackle my oral prevention plan via my tooth brushing routine.

Prevention matters

dental health plan

As someone who casually smokes, I have noticed my teeth beginning to yellow ever so slightly. So I went online and purchased some charcoal powder that I heard about on Instagram. It was a little over 30 dollars, but whitening strips hurt my teeth and gums so I decided it was worth it.

Every morning and every night I use the charcoal powder. It turns my teeth and spit black and for a second it looks like I’m in a horror movie or something. I really haven’t noticed too much of a difference yet, but it’s only been a few weeks. I hope that in a month or two I will have a radiant smile that will blow people away.

I make sure to always use an electric toothbrush. I think that it makes everything on my end much easier, and really does help in preventing cavities. My electric toothbrush leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean.

When it comes to toothpaste I have two requirements that are absolutely necessary. It has to be for sensitive teeth, and it has to have some type of ingredient that also whitens my teeth. My teeth are very sensitive and I like to use brands like Sensodyne, but I have found the dollar store generic to work just as well.

Dental health

dental health prevention matters

I try to brush my teeth three times a day. This is a bit unrealistic for someone like me who is a worker and full time student. If I’m lucky, I get the chance to brush my teeth after breakfast and after dinner. If I have been eating especially crummy that day I’ll try to get another brushing in during the middle of the day. Dental health is very important to me and I never want to have to suffer from some type of oral infection or disease.

Not brushing puts you at a high risk for periodontitis, a dangerous gum disease. This disease will eat away at your gums and the actual bones that make up your teeth. Without brushing at least twice a day, you risk losing your teeth.

Dental care

candy and dental care

I also make sure to floss each and every day. When I was younger I would have the absolute worst time at the dentist. He would stab and poke my gums and I would still be bleeding hours after leaving the office. That’s when I decided enough is enough. I was going to make sure I flossed every day.

By just putting aside five minutes a day, I can feel and see the benefits it is having on my teeth and gums. I purchased on the go flossers that make it easy for me to floss no matter where I am. I haven’t gotten a single cavity since I started flossing, and I hope I won’t ever.


Sometimes I think I am addicted to candy. I can eat an entire bag of starburst jelly beans and still be wanting more. I don’t know where it came from, and it has been getting worse. I’ll eat chocolate, gummies, and anything else that is sweet and chewy.

I feel really guilty whenever I eat a bunch of candy. Halloween and Easer is the worse because I have an unlimited supply of all the candy I could ever dream of. Even though I believe that proper oral hygiene is absolutely necessary, I get really weak when it comes to candy. Sometimes I’ll even eat some before bed and then forget to brush my teeth. I am trying my best to kick this nasty habit, and I like to think I am getting a little better.

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