Anxiety Symptoms in Men

Dear Lauren, I think that there is something wrong with me. I’ve always been a really strong guy. I don’t cry during sad movies or after a breakup, and I don’t get overemotional when I’m happy. I have a full time job that pays more than I could ever need, and I have a wonderful […]

Anxiety Disorders

Dear Lauren,               I have a small problem. It is my second week of my freshman year of college. I have made some great friends and joined several clubs. I was really nervous about meeting people because I suffer from extreme anxiety in certain social situations. I don’t drink or party, and I think that […]

Job Interview Tips

I long for the days when my parents would pay me to do chores around the house when I was a kid. I would get five dollars for emptying the dishwasher and cleaning my room. Then I would stretch that five dollars to last a whole weekend. I loved those days. My parents were my […]

Mindfulness Quiz

Do you ever take even just ten seconds to stop what you are doing and live in the present moment? Do you ever close your eyes and really think about how lucky you are to be alive, healthy, and happy? Do you ever look around, and think about your place in this world and the […]

My Oral Health Routine

It takes me about an hour to get ready for bed every night. I like to do small tasks at night that improve my overall health and make the next day much less stressful. I begin by packing my backpack for the next day’s classes. I wake up pretty early and it’s nice to be […]

Home Automation

I want to live in a future where I get to be the laziest homeowner in the world. I want my house to be equipped with state of the art, innovative products that make my life easier. With home automation taking a huge leap in popularity, my dream may soon be a reality.             I […]