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Our society is at a point where we do not take mental health as seriously as we should. Suicide rates in young adults is steadily growing, and a recent study found that 45 percent of teens claimed to always be stressed. When stress and other mental health issues are not dealt with properly, addiction can result. Teens and young adults are prone to self-medicating, which can lead to addiction and other severe health consequences. I see much too often young people throwing their lives away because they do not have the proper resources to deal with anxiety and depression, so they turn to alcohol or other drugs.

For example, there is a boy from my hometown a year older than me that I went to high school with that chose not to go away to college. All of his friends left for prestigious schools all the way across the country and have not been back to visit once. I watched from a distance as he spiraled downwards. He broke off contact with his family and his long term girlfriend. He became severely depressed. He stopped caring about his personal hygiene and started giving away his belongings. Every night on social media he would be posting and asking someone to drink or smoke with him. He was always seeking the next party and the next high. He was always speeding around town drunk and high. Luckily someone stepped in before he did something seriously dangerous to harm himself.

I watched as this young man was sent to rehab and made a full recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. He was home in less than a month and seemed to be on the right track to a healthy life. Then about a week after coming home he fell back into his deep depression. The rehab center only partially treated his illness. They detoxed him off the drugs, but did not do anything for his mental illness. The next week his dead body was found by his mother from an overdose.

Other young woman from my high school decided to go away to college, but failed out the first semester. When I asked her about it, she said it was for the sake of her mental health. She could not carry on as a functioning individual with the level of schoolwork without having to use other drugs. She said she was taking Vyvance and Adderall everyday just to stay awake, and she didn’t want to live like that anymore.

Stories like these are much too common. Young people are ripped from this world much too early due to the lack of proper drug rehabilitation care. Dual diagnosis programs can provide addicts with help for BOTH their drug addiction and mental illness.

Drug Recovery Help

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I cannot imagine what it would be like to go through a painful detox and still not feel cured. After all that work and effort, the addict can still be suffering internally. Rehab centers discharge patients without thinking about their brain, just their body. To them, if the patient is no longer an addict, their job is done. This is false. If drug addiction treatment facilities were able to provide after care for those patients with a dual diagnosis, there would be less relapses in patients.

Drug recovery help can come in many forms. It can be the emotional support of a family member or friend. It can be the medication from a doctor. It can be tips and advice from recovered addicts in Alcoholics Anonymous. The point is that help is out there and it is very easy to get. Make sure if you think that you may be suffering from both a mental illness and addiction, seek a treatment center that can provide care for both of those. Drug recovery and mental illness care can also come in the form of online counseling.

Drug recovery help can also come in the form of holistic care. Addicts have found solace in activities such as yoga, hiking, tai-chi, and aromatherapy. Some other forms of holistic care include massage, acupuncture, the use of vitamins and supplements, Reiki, going to a Chiropractor, and more.

What Is Addiction?

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Addiction has been construed by society to not be a real disease. It is seen as less that other illnesses, because people believe it is a choice. They do not understand the dependency that a body can develop to a substance and the control it can have over your life. Addiction can take a normal, functioning person, and turn them into a slave for whatever substance they are hooked on.

Addiction can lead to loss of job, family members, significant others, friends, housing, and much more. In college, they will kick you out for using illegal drugs. Without support, college students can find themselves addicted to dangerous substances such as drugs and alcohol. When under the influence a person risks getting severely injured and even arrested. This can have lifelong negative effects on their wellbeing. They may become permanently disabled or not be able to get a job in the future.

Many people do not know what addiction is really like or how it effects our lives. Rampant substance abuse can lead to health problems such as liver and heart failure, extreme aging effects, and high blood pressure. Drugs can also rot your teeth and gums, destroy your skin and hair, and much more. Those who inject themselves with drugs run the risk of contracting extremely deadly and dangerous diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis.

The important thing to take out of this is that mental health disorders and addiction are very serious diseases. Once our society becomes accepting of that, it will be easier for addicts to get the care they need.

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