What I’ve Learned About Website Design

            This semester in college I have been tasked with creating a website for any topic of niche of my choice. We have to learn how to create and design a website using basic HTML code. I’m not going to lie. I’ve been having a really hard time in this class, and I know that I’m not alone.

            By the end of this class, I am supposed to do my best and market and design a website as if done by a professional web design agency.

            I chose for my topic yoga, and I figured with two computer science roommates, this would be a breeze.

            I was wrong.

            Website design and branding is the base of any modern company or business, and I needed to figure out what I considered to be the most important aspects of a functioning, well-constructed website.

website design

Essential Elements for Creating a Professional Web Design

            My yoga website needed to be calming, informative, and easy to navigate.

            I believe that excellent navigation is the single most important part of website design. Slow links, confusing sidebars, headers, and footers, and lagging pages can convince a customer that your business is slow and lagging too.

            For my webpage, I am going to make sure that all images are at the resolution that loads the fastest, and that my webpage is compatible with all methods of viewing. This means that the webpage will look good on desktops, tablets, and phones. It is commonly referred to as responsive web design, and is crucial for any company that is expecting or hoping to gain a lot of web traffic. If you really want to get advanced, you can look into creating an app for your company, but that can be very costly.

            I also wish for my website to have several working links that lead to other places on the site, as well as external links that can lead visitors to other informative websites or resources.

To summarize, my priorities for my website design would be taking care of the following:

·       Easy and clear navigation

·       Images that load quickly

·       Responsive web design

·       Combination of internal and external links

Other Important Concerns for Website Design: Color Palette, Blog Content, & More

            I mentioned that I would like my website to be relaxing and calming. After all, it is a yoga website. I have decided to use neutral colors such as maroon and tan. There will be original photos that I took, but not too many that it would be overwhelming. I want to use serene fonts that seem both luxurious and soothing. I know that yoga is something people are seeking out when they feel they have too much stress in their lives, and this website will be stress free. I want to invoke feelings of calmness when people visit my website.

            My website is going to be supplemented by my blog. The blog content will feature new and interesting yoga practices and tips that can be done from the comfort of your own home. Having readable, interesting, substantial blog posts to go along with your website can boost your views and rankings on the Internet. Other ways I can leverage the blog content will be optimizing it with categories. This will help users who may want to read more of my posts about similar topics.

            Blog posts are easy to create and free. Blogs are exploding and if you are the first to grab onto a specific niche, the payout could be immense. You can easily hire content writers, or do the work yourself. To research what content I should write about, I will explore competing blogs and try to cover topics in an innovative or interesting way.

blog website design

            Something I really love about websites is the ability to save certain pages or products to view later. I don’t always want to bookmark something, and it’s nice to have the option to save pages for later use. Whether I add it to my cart, or create a wish list, it’s convenient and easy. While my yoga blog will start out as a resource-driven website, I may want to sell branded yoga products in the future. If I ever decide to become an ecommerce website, I would like to have a shopping cart and wish list function for my consumers.

To summarize, these are other priorities I would look into when developing my website design further:

·       A carefully considered color palette.

·       Creative and fun content for my blog.

·       Any interactive plug-ins or special features my users may enjoy, such as shopping carts or wish lists.

Making a Website From Scratch: Leave it to the Professionals!

            If you are looking for a way to create the best website possible, you may feel as though you need to hire a web design company. Website design companies have experience with different website features and layouts, so there is no extra research on your part on coding or compiling the page. You just tell them what you want, and they will do it for you.

            I only wish that I could hire someone to do this website for me. The process is long and complicated, but if you put it in the right hands, the possibilities are endless. Professional website design companies can aid you in making the best website possible.

             Even if there aren’t any web designers near you, that is okay. Website design companies can work remotely and meet with you completely over the phone and computer. It is key for your company to have a website. Without one, you are not utilizing the maximum potential of your business.

Revamping an Existing or Outdated Website

website design

            Do you already have a website? Even if you do, chances are it is outdated and could use some updates and changes. Everyday, new plug-ins and add-ons are created just waiting to be used by people like you.

            Old websites show your customers that you are not up to current trends and the current market. I personally hate coming across an old website. If it is hard to navigate, I will automatically leave because it is just too frustrating.

            Don’t lose out on important customers just because you have an old website. The internet is how people find everything nowadays. From cars, to clothing, to actual human services like babysitting and landscaping, the web is the hub of all economic business.

            Get started now before it is too late for your company. Hire a professional if you feel as though you do not have the skills to begin yourself. You won’t regret it, odds are your business will flourish with a new website.





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