Alternative Options from a Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy

pet compounding pharmachyMany pets, like people, hate being given medication. If the medicine tastes foul or the pet is already in pain, it can hard for pet owners to find new and creative ways to make the entire process easier. If the furry little buddy that you call your pet has a biting and scratching problem, you probably know just how hard it is to give them oral medication. It may have gotten so bad that you have to shovel out extra money just to hire another person to do it for you.

Luckily I have been blessed with two lovely kittens that do not bite or scratch, but my old cat that my family used to have wouldn’t even let us pick her up. She would nip and paw at us even unprovoked, so giving her medicine was like trying to tame a wild lion.

If I had known about veterinary compounding pharmacies, my family members and I would probably have a few less battle wounds from my old cat. Fortunately, I do know a few ways to make the process a little less painful for the both of you.

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Tips for Administering Pet Medication

Giving oral medication to a feisty pet is not joke. Here are some tips that I have found useful when trying to give my pet their medications.

Wear long sleeves. And long pants. And socks and even gloves if you can. This minimizes the open skin that your pet can reach out and scratch when they are trying to wiggle free.

Wrap them tightly in a blanket. You can even use an old towel if it is big enough. Wrapping them up tightly pins their arms and legs and prevents them from escaping and attacking you.

Give them treats. Lure your pet in with their favorite treat or snack. Be sure to reward them with a treat after you give them the medication to show them they did a good job.

Do it in a proper room. You need to trap them in a room that is small. Try a bathroom, or any other room without furniture, because they will try to run and hide as soon as they see what you are trying to do.

Put down towels. Your pet may have an accident, and you may spill the medication. Don’t worry if you put towels down, everything is saved!

Put on their collar. Collars are great for getting a controlling grip on your pet. It won’t hurt them to have it pulled and hopefully they won’t be able to reach your hand to snap at you or bite you.

Have a partner. Giving medication to pets is much easier if done in teams. One person has the job of holding them down and the other administers the medication. A third can be useful if your pet is abnormally large.

Avoid These Solutions as a Pet Owner

There are several things to be careful of when giving medication to your pet. There are a few things to absolutely avoid in order to not injure or harm your pet.

Do not declaw them. You may be tempted to declaw your cat because they are scratching too much. This is inhumane and cruel. You do not know for sure that your cat is not going to get outside somehow, and by declawing them you are leaving them with no way to protect themselves. Use a spray bottle instead, or look into cat claw covers. These are cheaper, and you don’t have to permeant alter your pet’s body.

Do not sit on them. Your pet may seem almost invincible, but when you put all of your weight on them you risk crushing and killing them. Do not sit or attempt to get on top of your animal no matter what.

Do not try to tranquilize them. You may have the urge to attempt to tranquilize or put your pet to sleep so you can easily give them their medication. This can end very badly, and medications provided by a pet health pharmacy can make it so you do not have to break your back trying to get them to take it.

What Exactly is a Veterinary Pharmacy?

angry pet verterinary

What exactly do you get out of a compounding veterinary pharmacy? Trained, skilled professionals are able to provide an easy, simple way for you to give your pets medications without any struggle.

Medications are made in a variety of flavors. My cats go absolutely nuts when they smell chicken, and I know that if I got medication that was chicken flavored, they would be following me around all day for more.

They also make flavors in beef, fish, and fruity flavors for any bird owners. Compounding pharmacies make giving your pet it’s medication a breeze.

Pet RX

Getting a prescription for your pet is very different than how it is for a person. Vet pharmacies can provide the care and help you need and give you any information you might want. Why go through unnecessary stress and pain when a service is readily available?

We treat our pets like our children. Some people take their dogs to groomers, dentists, and salons. Why not take them to their own special pharmacy? Give them the best because they deserve it. Your pet only gets a few years on Earth, so it is our job as their owners to make it as enjoyable and relaxing as possible for them.



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