Signs of Alcoholism

Alcohol Poisoning

Dear Lauren,

            Next week my son is going to his first party of his freshman year. I’m not oblivious, I know that there will most likely be drinking there. I warned my sons of all of the dangers of alcohol on his body, with the law, and with me. I know the kids he is riding with, and I assume there is going to be no drinking and driving. My son knows that if he even thinks the driver has had just one drink, he can just call an uber and I will pay for it.

            I feel as though I have almost done all that I can as a parent to ensure my son’s safety at his first party. One final area I want to advise him in is how to spot when someone has alcohol poisoning and what to do in that type of situation. Where do I begin?


“Tommy’s Mom”

alcohol poisoning

Dear “Tommy’s Mom,”

            Alcohol poisoning can be very dangerous if not taken seriously. Often young adults are afraid of getting in trouble so they don’t involve a parent or call 911. This can lead to death and imprisonment for those who tried to cover it up. Young teens are extremely prone to drinking too much and getting sick. A huge mistake that many people make is leaving a person that is passed out alone in a bedroom or bathroom. When a person is unconscious from drinking they may roll onto their back and asphyxiate on their own vomit. There are many other common mistakes that can be made when trying to treat someone who has had too much to drink. Teens think that any rumor they have heard about sobering up will work, and that is false.

Your son may find himself in a scenario where one teen has had too much to drink, and their parents are on the way, so they need to ‘sober up’ as fast as possible. Failed attempts include trying to drink large amounts of coffee, throwing them into a cold shower, and slapping them across the face. Unfortunately there is no super cure for sobering up. Trying anything dangerous could harm the person more. They may have to accept their fate and take their punishment. It is better for them to just get taken care of by adults rather than children attempt to handle it on their own.

Alcohol poisoning can be very common in young adults and can be fatal if not handled properly. Several fraternities have been both kicked off school campus and gotten in legal trouble for alcohol poisoning related incidents. Several young men have died from alcohol related accidents in fraternities. Make sure your son knows how to tell if someone is suffering from alcohol poisoning. Signs include:

·         Cold skin

·         Unable to wake up

·         Black or dark colored throw up

·         Slow breathing

·         Eyes rolled back into head

Best of Luck,


signs of alcoholism

Signs of alcoholism

Dear Lauren,

            Yesterday something very troubling happened at work. When I went to grab my lunch from the breakroom I must have grabbed the wrong bottled water. Once in my office I realized it wasn’t water in the bottle, but vodka. Someone in the office had been drinking during the workday. I have no clue who it was, and I don’t want to go around accusing anyone until I am absolutely positive I have the right person. What are some signs of alcoholism that I can keep an eye out for so that I can identify the person that needs to get help?


“A concerned coworker”

signs of alcoholism

Alcoholics anonymous

Dear “A concerned coworker,”

            From what it seems like to me, someone you work with is suffering from alcoholism. Drinking during the day is a huge sign of addiction. Other signs include missing work due to drinking or coming into work hungover, calling out frequently on Mondays, and suggesting drinks after work constantly.

            Alcoholics are not alone. Alcoholics anonymous is one resource that many people chose to use in recovery. It can be held in a church or community center, and involves a 12-step program. There are many alternatives to AA.

Alcohol treatment centers

            There are more intense forms of treatment for those who are suffering from alcoholism. Alcohol treatment centers in Florida can provide a safe place for addicts to go through the painful withdrawal process. Alcohol treatment centers give addicts the care they so greatly need. You may need to pick up some extra slack around the office to make up for their absence.

            It is possible that your coworker may need to take time off to get the support and treatment they need. Your coworker may not even be ready to admit they have addiction and they need to get help. Be very careful to not push them too hard and to not get too involved in their non-work related lives. If you do not want to talk to them, approach someone who is a higher up and have them deal with it. You do not want their work to be affected negatively.

Best of Luck,



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