Dangerous Diet Pills

            What exactly is the message that the media is sending to young men and women when it comes to body image? I can tell you for sure, that it is not a positive one. The media constantly is bombarding viewers, readers, and listeners with ideas about what the typical body should look like. Magazines and advertisements are at the peak of those mediums who are abusing their power the most by putting images into society’s head that they will never be good enough. An unachievable standard has been set, that fuels a great increase in those who buy into capitalism.

            The perfect female is one with dyed hair, huge lips, defined cheekbones, a small waist, a large butt, small legs, and large breasts. In order to achieve this look, many women are lead to dangerous and unhealthy habits and practices. People spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to look like celebrities and models. Individuals buy dangerous diet pills on the internet and take them with no regard for the side effects. Men and women starve themselves, and develop other dangerous eating disorders such as bulimia to control their weight.

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Diet pills banned

        Diet pills are so dangerous, they have been banned in many places. Unfortunately, it is still easy to buy illegal pills on the internet and get them shipped right to your front door. Even with a vast number of diet pills banned, people still find other ways to achieve the “perfect body.”

            I have heard of girls that only eat one meal per day, as well as drink excessive amounts of coffee and exercise in order to lose large amounts of weight over a short period of time. People have reported spending entire days at the gym trying to lose weight. There has been a large increase in a number of ‘fad diets’ that can easily be deemed dangerous and unhealthy. These include cleanses where the person only drinks fluids for a number of weeks, or eating only meat. These practices can leave your health in poor condition. Starving and going without food can lead to irritability and sickness. If you are not careful, a lack of eating can lead to passing out and hospitalization.

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Banned weight loss supplements

            The amount of banned weight loss supplements should give you an idea that these ingredients should not be put into your body. Yet many people still chose to take them despite the risks. This is the effect that negative media images have on society.

            Many people believe that if you binge and purge after eating, it will help you lose weight. This is false. The most it can do is keep you at your current weight and have long lasting, harmful effects on your body. Bulimia can rot your teeth and destroy your intestines. It weakens your bones and your immune system. Many who suffer from bulimia will eat large amounts of food, then after feeling guilty will vomit it all up. If you have a friend that constantly is using the bathroom after eating, check up on them to make sure they are not suffering from an eating disorder.

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Banned weight loss pills

        Banning weight loss pills is not the only way that we can combat eating disorders. The best way to help out those in need is to become educated on the topic. Eating disorders are a very dangerous disease especially for those who are younger girls. Teenage girls are often being sent the message that they do not meet the standards set by society for beauty. A few corporations such as Dove have taken on the responsibility of promoting a positive body image. They use models that are larger than the average, and create commercials with everyday women.

            The United States has some really great T.V. shows. That is something almost everyone can agree with. But the worst part about these shows we know and love is the actors are all so beautiful and unreal looking. You may like that part about it, and your show may be an escape to look at those dreamy characters, but it does have a negative influence on how you perceive yourself. T.V. shows in places like the United Kingdom have actors that look more like your average viewer. They are not crazily stunning and skinny, instead they are something you would imagine someone you know to look like.

FDA banned

            It is good to ask, are there any medications out there that can help me control my weight? Fortunately there are non-dangerous diet pills out there that can be prescribed by a doctor. There are also many healthy ways that you can go about losing weight. A healthy and well balanced diet is the most important part of staying in shape. Try to incorporate as much fruit and veggies into your diet to get your doses of vitamins and nutrients. Set attainable weight goal and try joining a gym that provides boot camps or classes. That way you will have a trainer to motivate you and set times to go. Weight loss is out there, and you don’t need to compromise your health to get it.

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