Drug Trafficking

We use the Internet for pretty much anything. You can easily log onto a number of websites and hire people for services or buy products. Parents can use trusted websites to find care takers for their children, pet owners can find dog walkers and house sitters, and students can buy textbooks for their classes. These are just a few ways that people use the Internet on a daily basis to improve their lives or make tasks more efficient to accomplish. With all these benefits, there are many dangers that lurk on the web.

The Internet has become a large hub for drug trafficking. Illegal websites on the dark web aid in providing drugs and illegal substances and services for any person that has access to a computer. Bitcoin has made it so these transactions are untraceable. A person can easily log on to the dark web and purchase any drug of choice instead of having to go on the street to get drugs. Drugs can be mailed and shipped in ways that are unable to be detected by law enforcement.

Illicit drugs across the United States

Drug abuse in America is rampant and shows no sign of stopping or slowing down. Illicit drugs are in schools, workplaces, and in bars, nightclubs, and at parties. A lack of strong border control can lead to more illegal substances crossing over into the United States. Drug and human trafficking is extremely played down by the government and the media. Not only do tons and tons of opium, marijuana, and heroin pass over the border each day, people do as well.

With an increase in drug trafficking, there is also an increase in people being forced across the border against their will to be sold into a human sex trafficking business. The drug trafficking industry is a huge part of sex slavery and the issue of human trafficking. My assumption would be that if the government decides to crack down harder on drug trafficking, then maybe the number of humans that are victims of human trafficking may go down as well.

Substance abuse in rural areas

Substance abuse, especially illicit drugs, is very rampant in rural areas as well as cities. As a Baltimore county resident, one would think I have seen the worst of the heroin epidemic. Unfortunately, I have not. The cities may seem to be the places with the biggest drug problems but that is false. Rural areas are being ravished and left a mess by drugs coming into places illegally. The Drug Enforcement Agency has attempted to hinder the entrance of these drugs, but it has not done enough. More funding for agencies such as these can help our country with this drug epidemic.

Addiction rates

As addiction rates skyrocket, the amount of people who are checking themselves into rehab centers is still too low. Due to the negative stigma of addiction, people are afraid to ask for help when they really need it. Families are torn apart due to addiction. It can leave a person unemployed, in jail, and even homeless. Addiction can greatly injure a person physically and mentally. Substance abuse also has detrimental effects that can last even past recovery.

Rehab canters provide professional care for those who have addictions. They help by providing traditional forms of care such as medication and therapy, and also new forms of care such as yoga and exercising. The best thing to do when a person needs help for an addiction is look into a treatment facility before it is too late.

Illegal drug trade distribution

The illegal drug trade is something that not many people are educated about. The way that it seems to me, just from watching tons of Netflix shows on drug trafficking, it is a very dangerous game to be in on. The illegal drug trade is full of death, torture, and relentlessness. Dealers are coldhearted, and addicts are lowlifes. This is not necessarily true for the latter. Not only are drug addicts not just homeless, dirty lowlifes they could be someone you know. An addict could be your best friend, your uncle, or a professor.



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